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Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai

In 4th place we have the 37 year old Atomic Samurai aka Kamikaze, aka the world’s strongest swordsman he’s pretty full of himself and he refused to shake hands with Saitama when they met saying that he only accepts the strong and that he’ll greet system up properly when he makes it to s-class when fighting against rhino wrestler a demon level monster he was able to cut him to pieces so fast that no one saw what happened and the Rhino could even keep talking for a few seconds after he’d been cut that right there is an epic swordsman atomic samurai is obviously a weapons type of fighter those weapons being swords he scored a 9 in stamina a foreign intelligence a 6 injustice in Eden endurance a perfect tenant power and eight in popularity and eight and effectiveness and a 9 in fighting ability the name atomic samurai itself simultaneously speaks to his precise atom cutting swordsmanship and his overwhelming nuclear level power.

The Atomic Samurai Characteristic


Atomic Samurai (Atomikku Zamurai)
Earth’s Strongest Swordmaster (Chikyū saikyō no ken Sei)










177 cm (5’9½”)


71.3 kg (156.9 lbs.)
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  • 10 October 2021

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