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Silver Fang

Silver Fang

In third place we have the 81 year old Silver Fang aka Bang Bang and his brother Bomb were called the two greatest masters of the martial arts world by Garo he is often serious unafraid of dragon level monsters and has a good amount of moral integrity unlike some other heroes on this list he cares about his former disciple Garo even after all the horrible things he did silver Fang is a physical type of fighter and he scored a 9 and stamina a 6 and intelligence he’s 7 and justice a 9 and endurance a perfect 10 in power a 7 in popularity a 9 and effectiveness and a 9 and fighting ability like a lot of superheroes silver Fang has super strength super speed and super ability but his level is even impressive among S Class Heroes Bank created his own martial art style called water stream rock smashing fist that he uses to great effect don’t let his old age fool you he’s still strong enough to beat dragon level monsters and the extremely muscular super alloy dark shine.

The Silver Fang Characteristic


Silver Fang (Shirubā Fangu)
Greatest Treasure of Martial Arts (Bujutsu-kai no shihō)
Wind of Blood Bang (Chi no kaze bangu)










165 cm (5’5″)


55 kg (121 lbs.)


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  • 10 October 2021

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