Attack on Titan Anime Ending: Eren Survives, Fans Divided
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Attack on Titan Anime Ending: Eren Survives, Fans Divided

The new ending to the Attack on Titan anime is really shocking, and several differences from the manga ending are notable. The main difference is that Eren is still alive in the anime ending.

Eren, who activates the Rumbling, dies in the manga. He cuts a deal with Ymir Fritz the first Founding Titan and uses her power to destroy everything beyond the Paradis Island. However, this power comes at a price: It cannot be activated until Eren’s death.ҽ

Nevertheless, Eren miraculously survives in the anime. It is vague on how he manages to do that, but it could be through the strength of the Founding Titan or he was able to transplant his soul in another body. It may be that he never really was dead, and his death was a ploys.

The anime provides closure to more number of characters as compared to the manga ending. Unlike in the manga ending, the fate of most of the characters remains questionable. For instance, the case of Armin, Mikasa, or Levi after Eren’s death remains a mystery to us.

The anime ending, however, reveals the final fate of each character. Armin assumes leadership of Scout Regiment, Mikasa buries Eren’s head under the tree in their village and Levi is depicted living in a cabin with the young boy.

In the final analysis, the new ending for the Attack on Titan anime is more fulfilling. It is more conclusive and less ambiguous to the characters. However, it should be noted that this is just one version of the end. It’s up to the individual viewer to come up with the true meaning of the ending.

Theories about why the anime ending is different from the manga ending:

  • The anime creators wanted to offer the fans a happier ending.
  • They wanted to keep the option of a sequel open.
  • The writers had sought more closure for the characters.
  • The end was supposed to be left vague and open to interpretation.

It might be also that the anime creators had a different idea how the story should end. Hajime Isayama, the manga creator, has stated that he participated in the production of anime’s ending, but on the other hand, he has stated that he gave the anime creators a great deal of freedom.

Therefore, in the end, the meaning of the Attack on Titan anime ending remains a matter to be decided by each individual viewer. Eren being alive may also leave some fans disappointed while others will rejoice because the characters managed to get a more hopeful ending. This is simply a matter of choice.

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  • 12 November 2023

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