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Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World- One Piece Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World- One Piece


Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World- One Piece



Edward Newgate better known as Whitebeard was one of the first Yonkou (Four Emperors) of One Piece and the greatest rival of Goal D. Roger, the Pirate King. Even before the great age of pirates, he was already known as a legendary and feared figure in the world of One Piece.

Even the World Government, the Shichibukai, and other Yonko recognize Whitebeard as the “Strongest Man in the World”, as no one was able to defeat him in direct combat, besides Roger. Despite having the strength to conquer the world, Edward just wanted to have a family.

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Edward was born in the Sphinx country in the New World, he was an orphan who had to deal with poverty from an early age. His home island suffered greatly from being unable to pay the Heavenly Tribute to the World Government. Before he was the great Whitebeard, he was a dreamy pirate who wanted to start a family on the high seas.

When he became known as a powerful pirate, Rocks D. Xebec recruited him into his band along with other temperamental and dangerous individuals. After Rocks was defeated at God Valley, Whitebeard formed his own crew, the Whitebeard Pirates.


During his travels, Whitebeard welcomed several orphans and helpless pirates into his crew and formed a huge family with them all. His entire crew saw him as a father, as he loved and cared for them all as if they were his children.

A few years later, his crew crash-landed in the country of Wano, where they met Kozuki Oden, the excitable samurai who insisted on sailing with the band. Unlike the other crew members, Whitebeard respected Oden as a brother and friend rather than a son, so he ended up becoming the commander of the fleet’s 2nd division while he was a pirate.

Little Marshall D. Teach also joined the crew when he was a child, saying he was an orphan. Whitebeard accepted him, but she had no idea that this boy was plotting behind his back. As the crew grew, the band became a large pirate fleet, and its captain realized his dream of having a family.

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Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World- One Piece 22

Before the titles of Pirate King and Yonko existed, Roger and Edward stood side by side in the hierarchy of power and fame. The two grew up at the same time as strong pirates like Big Mom, Kaido, Shiki and other fearsome names, but they always lagged behind their big rivals.

According to the stories, the only ones who could match Roger and Whitebeard in strength in the past were Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku. Rocks hasn’t been seen in action yet, but he was probably comparable or even stronger than all these names since he was the captain of the future Yonkou.

Therefore, Whitebeard was at the height of piracy since his time, he was only surpassed by Roger in terms of fame when his rival became the Pirate King. Furthermore, everyone said that Whitebeard was the one most likely to become the next king, but he had no interest in fame or riches.

A few years after Roger’s death, Whitebeard followed the rise of


Portgas D. Ace, the son of his rival. Ace was remorseful about carrying the same blood as Roger, so he wanted to prove his worth by defeating the only pirate who rivaled the late king.

Even though he knew that the enemy was much stronger, Ace challenged the Yonko several times, obviously he was always defeated, but he didn’t give up. Whitebeard recognized Ace’s value and decided to invite him to his crew, but the boy always refused because he was too proud.

After fighting so many duels, Ace aroused great admiration for Whitebeard and began to see him as a father figure. So he accepted the invitation and became the new commander of the 2nd division. However, things got complicated when Teach murdered Thatch, the commander of the 4th division, and fled the boat.


As Teach’s commander, Ace felt responsible for this incident and decided to hunt down his former comrade, who now goes by the name Blackbeard. The situation only got worse when Ace lost the battle and was handed over to the World Government, who decided to execute him.

Knowing that his son was in danger, Whitebeard went to execution to save Ace, but the Navy prepared to face the Yonko and start a war that was marked in history.

20231124 barba branca vs aokiji
Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World- One Piece 23

Whitebeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi (Earthquake Fruit), a Paramecia with the power to create devastating earthquakes. Sengoku claims that this fruit has the power to destroy the world, which is why Edward is considered the strongest man of all.

The Gura Gura no Mi can create shockwaves that cause the earth, air, and even the sea to crack with large-scale tremors. By adding this power to his fists, Whitebeard can take down an entire army with a single blow.


Furthermore, he also excels as a Haki master. In Oden’s flashback, we saw Whitebeard’s Haki collide with Roger’s and make an entire island shake. His mastery includes the three types of Haki and even reaches the advanced level of the rarest and most powerful, King’s Haki. He can apply King’s Haki in his blows to hit the target without physically touching them, an ability so rare that only the strongest awaken.

20231124 whitebeard died standing
Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World- One Piece 24

In the Marineford saga, Sengoku summoned all Marine forces, including the

Admirals and Shichibukai, to face Whitebeard. Still, the Fleet Admiral admits that he was not sure of victory since his opponent was the Strongest Man in the World.

After so many years, Edward had already aged a lot and suffered from serious health problems, but his strength and endurance were still colossal. To save Ace, he faced several opponents along the way, and even the Admirals tried to stop him.


His situation became critical when Admiral Akainu hit him squarely with his magma power and the damage accumulated. To make matters worse, Ace decided to face the same Admiral instead of running away, a recklessness that ended up costing him his own life.

Seeing his son lying dead on the ground, Whitebeard became furious and hit Akainu with all his fury, but he ended up suffering the same fate at the hands of Blackbeard. Teach appeared in the war to face his former captain just when he was weakened and suffering mortal injuries.

To Teach’s surprise, Whitebeard still had the strength to fight and even made the traitor of his gang cry for mercy, but the Yonko was immobilized by a single gunshot. In the meantime, his body had already reached its limit and was unable to move, giving Blackbeard’s crew the chance to attack without mercy.


However, Blackbeard and everyone else at the scene were stunned to see that Whitebeard died standing up and did not kneel. The narrator took advantage of the hook to say that, during the battle, Edward received 267 sword cuts, 152 bullet shots, 46 cannon shots, in addition to the wounds inflicted by the Admirals.

Even with all this, the mark on his back remained unharmed as a symbol of his strength and pride as a pirate. His death portrayed a worthy end for the world’s strongest pirate, who refused to flee and fall literally until the end of his life.

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What if Ace Didn’t Die in One Piece?



What if Ace Didn't Die in One Piece?

One Piece fans often speculate about alternate storylines and one of the most intriguing questions is: what if Ace didn’t die? Ace’s death was a pivotal moment in the series, significantly impacting the characters and the story’s trajectory. In this article, we’ll explore the possible outcomes and ramifications of Ace’s survival, delving into how it could have reshaped the world of One Piece.

What if Ace Didn’t Die in One Piece: The Immediate Aftermath

Had Ace survived the Battle of Marineford, the immediate aftermath would have been drastically different. The war itself might have ended differently, potentially leading to fewer casualties among the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies. Ace’s survival could have also influenced Whitebeard’s fate, possibly preventing his death or at least altering his final moments.

Ace’s rescue would have been a massive morale boost for the Whitebeard Pirates. With their second division commander alive, they might have regrouped and continued to challenge the Marines and the World Government with renewed vigor. The balance of power in the New World could have shifted, with the Whitebeard Pirates maintaining their status as a formidable force.


Impact on Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy was deeply affected by Ace’s death, using it as motivation to become stronger. If Ace had survived, Luffy’s growth trajectory might have been different. While he would still strive to become Pirate King, his journey might have taken on a different tone, with less of the intense personal drive fueled by grief and loss.

The bond between Ace and Luffy would have continued to be a central theme in the series. Ace might have joined Luffy on his adventures, creating a dynamic duo that would have been nearly unstoppable. Their combined strength and the alliance of the Straw Hat Pirates with the Whitebeard Pirates could have changed the course of many battles and encounters throughout the New World.

Changes in the Whitebeard Pirates

Ace’s presence would have provided stability and leadership within the Whitebeard Pirates. Following Whitebeard’s death, there was a power vacuum that led to internal struggles and challenges from other pirate crews. With Ace alive, he could have taken on a leadership role, guiding the crew through these tumultuous times and ensuring their unity and strength.


Furthermore, Ace’s influence might have extended beyond his own crew. He had a strong bond with many characters across the One Piece world, including those in the Revolutionary Army and other pirate crews. His survival could have strengthened alliances and created new opportunities for cooperation against common enemies like the World Government and the Marines.

The Broader One Piece World

Ace’s survival would have had ripple effects across the entire One Piece world. His continued presence would have been a constant reminder of the Whitebeard Pirates’ power and legacy. This might have deterred other pirates from challenging them and even influenced the actions of the Yonko and other significant players in the New World.

Additionally, Ace’s survival could have altered the course of the Revolutionary Army’s efforts. As the son of Gol D. Roger and the brother of Monkey D. Luffy, Ace had a unique position that could have bridged the gap between pirates and revolutionaries. This might have led to more coordinated efforts to challenge the World Government, accelerating the revolutionary movement.


Emotional and Personal Outcomes

On a more personal level, Ace’s survival would have meant a great deal to his friends and family. Luffy, Sabo, and the rest of the Straw Hat crew would have been spared the grief and trauma of his loss. The bond between the three brothers, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo, would have remained intact, potentially leading to more collaborative efforts and shared adventures.

Ace’s survival might have also provided opportunities for him to confront his past and his lineage. As the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, Ace struggled with his identity and the legacy he inherited. With more time, he could have come to terms with his heritage and found a way to honor his father’s legacy while forging his own path.


The question of what if Ace didn’t die in One Piece opens up a world of possibilities. Ace’s survival would have had profound implications for the characters and the broader One Piece universe. From altering the balance of power among the pirates to impacting Luffy’s journey and the revolutionary movement, the ripple effects of Ace’s continued presence would have been felt far and wide.


While we can only speculate on these alternate outcomes, it’s clear that Ace’s death was a turning point in One Piece. His legacy continues to influence the series, and the what-if scenarios remind us of the intricate and interconnected nature of Eiichiro Oda’s world.

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Who Is Kaiju No. 9 From Kaiju no. 8?



Who Is Kaiju No. 9 From Kaiju no. 8?

Who Is Kaiju No. 9

Kaiju No. 9 is a significant antagonist in the manga series “Kaiju No. 8,” written by Naoya Matsumoto. The series is set in a world where giant monsters known as kaiju regularly attack humanity, and specialized Defense Force units are tasked with combating these threats. Kaiju No. 9 stands out due to its intelligence, cunning, and unique abilities, making it one of the more formidable adversaries in the series.

Characteristics and Abilities

  1. Intelligence and Strategy:
    • Unlike many other kaiju, Kaiju No. 9 exhibits a high level of intelligence. It is capable of strategic thinking and planning, often setting traps and outmaneuvering human forces.
    • It can communicate in human language, which is unusual for kaiju in the series. This ability allows it to negotiate, manipulate, and even issue threats.
  2. Shapeshifting and Mimicry:
    • Kaiju No. 9 has the ability to shapeshift, allowing it to take on the appearance of humans. This makes it extremely dangerous as it can infiltrate human society undetected.
    • It uses this ability to gather information and execute plans without raising suspicion.
  3. Regeneration and Adaptation:
    • It possesses a remarkable regenerative ability, allowing it to recover from injuries that would be fatal to other kaiju.
    • This regeneration extends to adapting to different forms of attack, making it increasingly difficult to defeat as it learns from each encounter.
  4. Combat Skills:
    • Kaiju No. 9 is proficient in combat, capable of holding its own against powerful human fighters and other kaiju.
    • It can create weapons and appendages from its body, enhancing its versatility in battle.

Role in the Series

Kaiju No. 9 plays a central role in the overarching conflict of “Kaiju No. 8.” Its actions and schemes drive much of the plot, presenting a constant challenge to the protagonists, particularly Kafka Hibino, who transforms into Kaiju No. 8.

  1. Antagonist to the Defense Force:
    • It frequently targets the Defense Force, attempting to weaken humanity’s primary line of defense against kaiju.
    • Its ability to disguise itself as a human adds an element of paranoia and mistrust within the Defense Force ranks.
  2. Connection to Other Kaiju:
    • Kaiju No. 9 often collaborates with other kaiju or manipulates them to achieve its goals. This makes it a pivotal figure in the kaiju hierarchy.
    • It seeks to understand and possibly harness the power of other numbered kaiju, including Kaiju No. 8.
  3. Impact on Protagonists:
    • The encounters with Kaiju No. 9 significantly impact Kafka and his allies, pushing them to their limits and forcing them to evolve.
    • Its actions often lead to critical character development moments, particularly for Kafka, who must balance his human identity with his kaiju powers.

Motivations and Goals

While the full extent of Kaiju No. 9’s motivations remains a mystery, it is clear that it seeks to disrupt human society and possibly dominate or destroy it. Its intelligence and strategic mindset suggest that its plans are long-term and deeply thought out.

  1. Destruction and Chaos:
    • Kaiju No. 9 appears to thrive on chaos and destruction, taking pleasure in outsmarting and overpowering humans.
    • Its attacks are often aimed at causing maximum disruption and fear.
  2. Evolution and Power:
    • It shows a keen interest in evolving and becoming more powerful, often experimenting with its own abilities and those of others.
    • This pursuit of power might be driven by a desire to become the ultimate kaiju or to achieve a specific, undisclosed goal.
  3. Mystery and Intrigue:
    • Much about Kaiju No. 9’s origins and ultimate objectives remains shrouded in mystery. This adds to its menace and keeps both the characters and the readers guessing.

In summary, Kaiju No. 9 is a complex and formidable antagonist in “Kaiju No. 8,” characterized by its intelligence, shapeshifting abilities, and regenerative powers. Its strategic mind and deep-seated motivations make it a persistent and evolving threat to the protagonists and humanity at large.

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How Did Zoro’s Childhood Friend Die?



How Did Zoro's Childhood Friend Die?

Roronoa Zoro, one of the most formidable swordsmen in the world of “One Piece,” carries with him a tragic memory from his childhood—the death of his close friend and rival, Kuina. This event has a profound impact on Zoro’s character, driving him to pursue his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Kuina’s untimely death and its significance in Zoro’s life.

The Bond Between Zoro and Kuina

How Did Zoro's Childhood Friend Die?

Before we explore the circumstances of Kuina’s death, it’s important to understand the relationship between Zoro and Kuina. Both trained at the Isshin Dojo, run by Kuina’s father, Koushirou. From a young age, Zoro demonstrated exceptional skill and determination in swordsmanship, but Kuina was always one step ahead. She was the only one who could consistently defeat Zoro, which fueled a fierce rivalry and mutual respect between them.

Kuina’s Tragic Death

Despite her prowess, Kuina faced societal pressures and personal doubts. She was acutely aware of the gender bias in the world of swordsmanship, believing that as a woman, she would eventually be surpassed by male swordsmen due to physical limitations. This belief weighed heavily on her, even though she was stronger than all the boys in the dojo, including Zoro.


The tragedy struck when Kuina died in an accident. According to the story, she fell down the stairs while trying to fetch a sharpening stone for her sword. This sudden and seemingly mundane accident was both shocking and heartbreaking, given her incredible skills and potential. Kuina’s death left a deep void in Zoro’s heart, and he struggled to come to terms with the loss of his rival and friend.

The Impact on Zoro

Kuina’s death profoundly impacted Zoro in several ways:

  1. A Promise to Fulfill: Before her death, Kuina and Zoro made a solemn promise to each other—that one of them would become the greatest swordsman in the world. This promise became a driving force in Zoro’s life. He vowed to achieve their shared dream in her stead, turning his grief into a source of strength and motivation.
  2. Adopting Kuina’s Sword: After Kuina’s death, Zoro requested and was granted the use of her sword, Wado Ichimonji. This katana became one of Zoro’s most cherished possessions, symbolizing his bond with Kuina and his commitment to their promise.
  3. A Tribute to Her Memory: Zoro’s journey is not just about his own ambition but also a tribute to Kuina. Every victory he achieves and every challenge he overcomes is a testament to her influence on his life. Zoro’s resolve to become the world’s greatest swordsman is intertwined with his desire to honor Kuina’s memory.

The Legacy of Kuina

Kuina’s story resonates with themes of determination, overcoming societal limitations, and the profound impact of mentorship and rivalry. Her death, while tragic, is a pivotal moment in Zoro’s narrative, shaping his character and his path forward. It serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of holding onto one’s dreams, even in the face of adversity.


Kuina’s death was a tragic accident that had a lasting impact on Zoro. It drove him to pursue his goal of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world, a promise he made to her before her untimely demise. By carrying her sword and honoring their shared dream, Zoro keeps Kuina’s memory alive in his heart. Her legacy is a powerful motivator for Zoro, propelling him through countless battles and challenges on his journey through the world of “One Piece.”

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