What If Eren Ate All 9 Titans?
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What If Eren Ate All 9 Titans?

In the world of Attack on Titan If Eren Ate All 9 Titans?, he turns out to be a mighty person that would change this world into another one. Nonetheless, the result of such an incident is complex and intricate.

Unmatched Power

This would afford Eren the control of the Founding Titan’s ability to manipulate the memories and bodies of Eldians and the supremacy on his nation. He would also have extraordinary powers like that of the armored Titan who hardens and the regeneration, long-range attacks from the Colossal Titan, and superhuman strength of the Attack Titan.

Potential for Tyranny

Eren would have a great power in his hands. He would be tempted to use it for himself. He could try to destroy all Titans or even to get rid of the rest of the humanity outside of Paradis. He could take the whole world into chaos and conflict.

The Cycle of Violence

The consumption of other Titans would further perpetuate the longtime culture of violence that has characterized Paradis Island. Eren would become a symbol of power and a source of fear to others such that they could seek Titan power. This could mean perpetual war and bloodshed.

The Fate of Ymir Fritz

It would also be hard to explain the ultimate fate of Ymir Fritz, the first Titan and the Titan power source. Should Eren take her power into himself, he would end up with complete control of the Titans, or even become Ymir himself. Such would have drastic implications on the essence of the universe and the presence of Eldians.

Alternative Outcomes

Besides, there is another possibility that might arise from Eren’s consuming all the nine Titan powers. He may lose his power or he may end the world. It would be difficult to tell whether the outcome was true.


It is interesting to imagine Eren swallowing all the nine Titan abilities, but also a warning for unrestrained authority. The questions it brings up on the basis of humanity, the cycle of violence and the world’s final destiny are also very profound.

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  • 15 November 2023

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