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Attack on Titan: The Most Powerful Titans Ranked

 The end is upon us with attack on titan’s final season part 1 done and we waiting for part 2 i’m sure there’s a lot of plot twists coming our way but also a few human hungry titans we haven’t seen so far in the anime the biggest clash between Marley and paradise titans is approaching quickly and i’m eager to know who will win this fight in this big fight’s of titan’s i will rank all titans in order of which one is the most powerful now i’m not trying to start a fight or am i but power is very subjective so i’ll list both their strengths and their weaknesses and let you decide in the comments below now bite hard on your hand because we’re going full titan obviously.

The Pure Titans- The weakest of them all

The Pure Titans- The weakest of them all are the Pure Titans these titans are like house cats scavenging for food and overeating until their meal ends up all over your favorite carpet see they don’t even have a digestive system so that’s basically the only way they can get rid of all these poor souls just bathing in that belly juice on top of all that they have an equivalent IQ and aggressivity level of myself in the morning before having my first sip of coffee Monday’s am i right and just like me they mindlessly run around waving their limbs like a three-year-old who’s still learning to walk mornings are hard okay now as a member of the survey corps you shouldn’t be too worried about one pure titan but you do gotta watch out for herds while they are pretty dumb individually they can be trouble for a whole team if their buddies join for the party imagine the walking dead but like t-rex size like in any group there is always that one that’s just weird those titans while being pure titans are categorized as abnormal’s those rare creatures are basically erratic and unpredictable some of them start running around like crazy ignoring everybody if you jump around for no reason crawl with no direction or on rare occasions even talk the pure titans lack of intelligence and total randomness make them the weakest form of titans while clearly more powerful and bright than the pure titans.

 The Cart titan- Is one of the less powerful of the nine titans

The Cart titan- Is one of the less powerful of the nine titans although not as good at fighting as the others it does have its qualities just like when i find my cat scratching the sofa the card titan is capable of incredible speed walking on all fours the long-faced titan is often used as its name suggests as a cart the Marley forces mount cannons boxes and all kinds of weapons on its back basically using it as a shopping trolley or a tank the cart titan is also one of the most enduring of the nine and like a grad student it can withstand long hours of work without sleep minus the caffeine of course its endurance ability also allows it to stay in tight and form for a very long time compared to other titans who clock out early while our good old cart buddy can move fast like the flash his defenses are honestly weak it has no armor it’s not a big boy and considering its posture it would surely lose in a fist fight its regenerative speed is also very low meaning that if someone is fast enough to kick him really really hard it’ll probably just lay down agonizing.

The Jaw Titan-this titan is the smaller of the nine titan

The Jaw Titan- The next on our list is The Jaw titan while this titan is the smaller of the nine his small body makes it so that it is very agile and really fast as much as the car titan’s speed is useful in planes the jaw titan is most useful in forests being very agile this little monkey can jump from one tree to another with amazing speed making it one of the rare titans who can actually hide the little monster’s strength lies in its sharp claws and obviously his very strong jaw it can literally chew through anything be it the Warhammer titans crystal shells or the attack titan’s armored shell there is nothing coming between this fellow and its appetite for well basically everything and anything its greatest weakness is also one of its greatest strengths the fact that it’s so small compared to other titans makes it so that it can be crushed quite easily or even literally used out of orbit by most of the other nine come to think of it that could also be a strength if some other titan throws him at an enemy it’s just food for thought.

The Colossal Titan-really hard to look at it’s also super slow

The Colossal Titan- Now that might come to you as a surprise but The Colossal Titan gets ranked at number seven is it strong oh yeah but besides being really really hard to look at it’s also super slow but let’s start by talking about his good points one thing’s for sure when it comes to the colossal titan the guy is not subtle being over 60 meters tall and having exfoliated way too much it also generates a small nuclear type explosion when it transforms wrecking everything that stands too near it one of his greatest defense skills steam emission can push away any attackers while this defense mechanism can give it an incredible advantage it can also mean its downfall if used for too long you see the more heat that it loses the more muscles which at some point or another leaves only bones this could mean that the titan’s user could fall if they spend too much time relaxing in the steam room.

The Female Titan- Will come running this can be quite useful

The Female Titan- Next on our list is no other than the female titan while not as advanced as the founding titan or the beast titan it has the ability to influence pure titans by screaming it can’t however control them, they will come running this can be quite useful if the female titan has nowhere to go during a fight but there is a catch they will come running yes but to eat her so the user better think quick and get the heck out of there the female titan can also harden part of its skin making its fists lethal weapons capable of throwing powerful punches while not exactly a special feature of the female titan Annie Leonhard being the skilled martial artist and having a similar base formed the female titan makes the giant lady a formidable opponent in one-on-one combat the all-round titans hardening ability can also save its user as a last resort putting the user to sleep while protecting it in an impenetrable crystal casing while this may save the user’s life who knows what could happen once the crystal wears off.

The War Hammer Titan- This guy can produce structures that are made from titan’s skin

The War Hammer Titan- This brings us to the last titan introduced in the series the war hammer titan this guy can produce structures that are made from titan’s skin while other titans can alter their skin through hardening like the female titan, can manipulate it and create weapons like a crossbow or a giant war hammer capable of knocking anyone in its path to the heavens high above just like the female titan the war hammer user can also encase themselves in a crystal casing but unlike the female titan they remain conscious throughout the whole thing another interesting and unique aspect of this titan is that it can somehow be remotely controlled the user doesn’t have to be inside the titan’s nape at all times they can hide somewhere being attached to the titan through a long cable made out of the titan’s flesh the problem with that is that if the cable is severed then the titan becomes useless fortunately for the user they can create another body if they still have the energy to do so my worry as a user of the war hammer titan.

The Beast Titan- the yeti looking beast titan’s powers

The Beast Titan- would be to be yoyoed out of the scene by another titan now this is an interesting one the yeti looking beast titan’s powers and appearance really depends on its current user while Falco swears there was a winged beast titan in the past the current one controlled by Zeke looks more like an ape so to make things simple i’ll just be using Zeke’s beast titan form one of the beast titan’s first noticeable abilities is how good it is at baseball boy can that ape throw it also has some hardening abilities although it seems way more limited and weak than the female titans making his defense stats not so impressive the beast titan can also create new titans by giving one of the subjects of emir his spinal fluid and roaring at them.

The Armored Titan- Is one big chunk hard to break its skin

The Armored Titan- Is one big chunk hard to break its skin is made out of thick layers of armored skin making it almost impossible to break through but just like the size of the colossal titan makes it hard for it to move fast the armored titan’s hardened body weight makes it slower than titans without much defense it can’t really move as well as others but is a living shield capable of taking a lot of damage in some ways the armored titan is the hulk of the nine titans.

The Attack Titan- Is pretty useful in battle

The Attack Titan- While the attack titan is way faster the armored titan can shed some part of its armor to increase its speed a little bit making it just a bit faster while more vulnerable to enemy blows and we’re finally at number two the attack titan of attack on titan just like the female titan the attack titan is an all-around character capable of many things this titan is like the name suggests made to attack it’s a combat titan and just like the female titan depends on the user’s training and fighting abilities used well it could become one real threat the attack titan can also produce crystals around and on its body like hardening its fist to break through anything while anger management would be beneficial for it a blind rage can also make him unstoppable at times while it could also mean endangering its allies although all of the above is pretty useful in battle the attack titan’s real power lies in its special memory you see the user can receive memories of things that haven’t happened yet it’s true that the other nine titans inherit past tightened memories but it’s the only one with the future sight ability this gives it great advantages when it comes to planning ahead and like a chess master its user can set traps and prepare every single move in advance checkmate now for today’s.

The Founding Titan- not necessarily need to transform to use its abilities

The Founding Titan- Last entry as we have the mysterious founding titan the first of all nine titans does not necessarily need to transform to use its abilities which makes it even more dangerous the founding titan mostly uses its voice as its weapon of choice it can create titans like Zeke’s beast titan but their ability is even more op making it even able to create colossal titans through screaming the founding titan can control any titans to have them do its bidding and can even modify or erase the minds of the subjects of emir this control over the Yamir’s people can modify this entire population to the molecular level as an ancient king of elder immunes its people of an epidemic around 600 years ago once more the titan’s fighting abilities depend greatly on its user but with all that mind control who really needs a body so who do you think would win a fight between these titans is strength more important than defense or knowledge.

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  • 20 August 2021

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