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Kawaki’s move- Naruto able to protect Leaf Village: Boruto Chapter 61

Chapter 61 of Boruto is here and it sings a similar tune to the last few chapters the difference now though is it appears to be time for the next conflict to finally begin code is finished waiting.

chapter opens with daily life

The chapter opens with daily life in Konoha we have Boruto Shikadai and Inojin opening packs of trading cards Boruto was hoping to pull sasuke from his pack but ended up getting Shino and let’s just say that well he wasn’t pleased Kawaki a little off to the side would take notice of something it was again like the previous chapters someone keeping an eye on him not for a lack of trust but for his own safety this security wasn’t really making an attempt to hide merely standing out in the open with an eye on them Shikadai would be the voice of reason reminding the others that they have no clue when or where the enemy will attack and is thanks to this security that they’re able to live carefree and do things like play with trading cards a valid point and it’s often chicken eye that keeps the others thinking rationally there are times when it’s Boruto playing this role but Shikadai is the reliable character when it comes to rationality in response to this reminder Boruto with an annoyed expression would agree but admit that being watched like this 24 7 is starting to stress him out Kawaki would quickly counter that though saying that Boruto has been sleeping like a baby every night this would trigger Boruto a bit but it would be soon calmed down they would begin talking about Konoha’s sensory net something Kawaki had previously not heard of Inojin would explain that it’s a barrier around the village that automatically checks everyone coming in and out of Konoha it would be explained further that chakra are like fingerprints no two are identical what the net does is compare chakra against the database to decide if the individual is known or not in addition to that the sensor can detect if a newcomer is an enemy like we saw with delta and Ishiki it’s pretty crazy that something like this is possible but it shows how core chakra is to each individual Boruto would argue that it was because of this surveillance was unnecessary this next part is funny because Inojin would point out that the system doesn’t track each individual all the time only when they enter anything else would be a violation of privacy even Boruto’s world has privacy concerns.

Inojin would point out though that this guy

So yeah dealing with a threat once they’ve infiltrated is a whole other issue these details were new to Boruto and he’d go on to disrespect his current spy asking the others if that meant this guy would fight code adding salt to the wound by saying he doesn’t look capable at all really disrespectful but anyway Inojin would point out though that this guy is most likely just there to relay the enemy’s location to sasuke or naruto Boruto was dying at this point yelling about wanting his privacy back something about this would pique Kawaki’s interest he’d suddenly remember the words of a model words that cast out on whether or not naruto could beat code now this next part was huge Inojin while praising Konaha’s sentry unit would reveal that unless the enemy is able to erase their chakra signature their movement won’t be missed that sounds like a huge hole that can be taken advantage of essentially if one can hide their chakra from being sensed of course they wouldn’t be detected by this system Kawaki didn’t miss this detail while Boruto continued to complain and go back to opening card packs.

Kawaki would still think about the information
Kawaki would still think about the information he just received later we would have sasuke with one of the teams watching over code’s marks he’d been advised to stay far back due to the nature of code’s abilities but upon hearing there was no new findings regarding code’s abilities he went closer he didn’t seem worried about what he already knows about code sasuke would go right up to the claw mark and look carefully the man to warn him about getting too close was of course confused and upset but sasuke would calmly respond that code won’t emerge here at least that’s what he suspects the others were equally confused by this response but sasuke would make it clear that he has no proof it’s simply if he were code he would choose a different location sasuke would also tell them they’re free to disregard his opinion especially since he has no authority here and with that said he’d begin to head out before he could leave though they would ask what they should do in this case because they were given clear order sasuke would tell them to continue doing their job as he is as well and with that sasuke would leave now back around the center of the village.

Now back around the center of the village

Shikamaru would hear of what happened with sasuke responding by only telling them to let sasuke do his thing and check on the other locations as well a motto would appear now Amado would begin by saying that code has a cautious nature but he’s not very smart so he didn’t expect them to struggle with him so much Shikamaru was clearly a bit annoyed with the code situation replying to a model by saying sarcastically that he’s sorry they’re a bunch of incompetence Amado would explain that he didn’t come up here to complain he merely wanted fresh air adding that Shikamaru shouldn’t get so defensive saying so as you begin to light a cigarette that would be stopped shortly though by Shikamaru informing him that smoking appear is of course prohibited saying so as he held a lit cigarette in his own mouth possibly a sign of how this situation has affected Shikamaru maybe normally he’d not smoke up here however the stress of it all made him forget and smoke anyway or it could have just been a joke at a motto this is all just speculation of course after a pause Shikamaru would say it’s funny to hear a motto say that the current situation was unexpected because even now Shikamaru still believes things are proceeding exactly according to some master script written by Amado he wouldn’t entertain this though a model would make it clear that was ridiculous there have been a chain of surprises he would have never guessed half a year ago especially the fact that he would be in Kona’s care however that wasn’t the biggest surprise.

Shikamaru still believes things
Kawaki was Amado didn’t expect him to become so devoted to naruto the core motivation behind all of his actions now is naruto Amado would then speculate that perhaps it’s because Kawaki has never really known parental love and for naruto Kawaki won’t balk at paying any price a valid guess as to why Kawaki has become so devoted but Shikamaru would be right in responding that it seems stronger than a father complex the man of science a model would go on to chalk it up to human love however saying is basically the same as madness Shikamaru was not feeling any of this and would literally say his cigarette doesn’t even taste good around the motto this next part was just wishful thinking Shikamaru would say that considering code hasn’t shown up after so long isn’t it possible that he’s gotten depressed and no longer has intentions of executing his revenge we of course know that this man code has been plotting so yeah this isn’t the case at all and i think both these guys knew that at night that day in Naruto’s home things were calm Hinata was watching some drama Boruto was playing some video game naruto was dozing off and Himawari was in bed when suddenly.

this spy before making his way
 Kawaki announced he was going to take the trash out Hinata would question why not just do it tomorrow since it’s late now but Kawaki would simply reply that he’d forget tomorrow and that was that he was now outside outside and being watched by that same spy from earlier as soon as Kawaki was outside it was reported Kawaki kept walking and did directly look at this spy before making his way over a wall where he would drop off the trash after doing so he’d drop into a tree which would catch the attention of his surveillance but soon after entering it he would walk out and go back inside the house very strange seeing this the spy would report that all was good Kawaki had gone back inside little did he know it was not that simple forza would feel like something was off after Kawaki had arrived and so he’d follow as Kawaki quickly made his way upstairs Boruto asked if Kawaki was alright but he was more quiet than usual in his response simply saying he’s tired and asking if they could talk tomorrow Boruto knew something was off despite Kawaki going to his room he could sense something from outside back outside Kawaki was in fact still in that tree he had jumped into earlier Boruto from inside the house could sense this the spy would now report in that he could sense both Boruto and Kawaki inside the house but Kawaki was not there the real Kawaki would now sneak out from that tree and quickly sneak away.

sneak out from that tree
 Boruto now put it together that the Kawaki inside was a clone the real Kawaki was running away and roto now began to panic as he could sense Kawaki getting farther and farther away Boruto wasn’t particularly worried about Kawaki at this moment and said he was annoyed because if Kawaki was caught during this the surveillance he’d already been complaining about would get even tighter it was then that Boruto noticed through the window that the security was not moving real confusion set in now why wasn’t the security watching both of Kawaki’s chakra sources now with Boruto outside the surveillance report this as well Boruto still couldn’t understand what was going on now finally he remembered the words of Inojin and understand Kawaki had erased his chakra signature during all this Kawaki was still running just then eras Ōtsutsuki would begin to be activated and she reported to code that Kawaki was on the move by himself code was confused as there should be people watching Kawaki.
Ada knew what was happening
He was just as confused as Boruto and how Kawaki lost his surveillance Ada knew what was happening it would explain that Kawaki was nulling his chakra signature a trick that is natural for all Ōtsutsuki although Kawaki shouldn’t be aware of this she suggests it was perhaps just instinct unaware of his motives code would still think to himself that he couldn’t let this perfect chance slip by code would begin using his teleportation juice to from his marks after doing so he’d use it again to speak with Ada and have her guide him towards where Kawaki was going and for those that aren’t aware Ada is able to see everything going on anywhere at all times pretty insane but this ability was used to keep an eye on Kawaki and find this perfect opportunity with the surveillance of Konoha still unaware Kawaki was on the run and Boruto could not follow due to fear of alerting the surveillance with no other option Boruto would run to the shadow clone Kawaki and ask what was going on in bed the shadow clone would tell borrow to keep his voice down because it’ll be bad if the guys outside find out brother would then ask how he erased the chakra signature and then still sensing the real Kawaki he’d ask why only he could sense the real Kawaki still the real Kawaki of course was receiving the information from this conversation and knew Boruto was sentencing him concluding that it’s due to them both being Ōtsutsuki or their affinity Ada would report to code that Kawaki was now outside the village and heading west and he had no idea what Kawaki was planning but he would soon ask directly and that was the chapter with Kawaki and code on the road to their meeting not much can interfere Boruto is stuck naruto is sleeping the surveillance team is unaware the only unaccounted for person with the possibility of somehow interfering is sasuke.
Kawaki knows naruto would struggle against code
 Kawaki knows naruto would struggle against code so there’s no way he logically believes he can beat him he must be trying to strike a deal of some sort because code in theory would destroy him pretty easily we’ve waited a while for all the setup to lead somewhere and it looks like it’s now finally happened next chapter should be a great one i do believe Amado did not predict all of this simply because that would be giving him too much credit at the end of the day he’s a brilliant scientist but he’s still man to predict all of this sounds supernatural or like some time travel work i do however believe he has his own ulterior motives and plans he’s working on in general time will tell though he’s obviously a suspicious guy he might even be the real and villain i don’t know yet. And have to know lot’s thing waiting for next one..
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