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The Strongest Marine In One Piece EVER!

The person who would ever be considered the strongest Marine in One Piece is one – Monkey D. Garp. The Vice Admiral in this story, is Vice Admiral Garp but his strength is above all other Admirals Garp is considered one of the heroic figures in the One Piece universe with “Hero of the Marines” amongst his multiple accomplishments. In addition, Monkey D. Garp’s son is the Revolutionary leader “Monkey D. Dragon“, and Monkey D. Luffy is his grandfather.

Garp is skillful in all three forms of Haki and boasts superb physique strength as well. He also possesses remarkable fighting skills and is capable of defeating formidable pirates effortlessly. In addition, Vice Admiral Garp is an exceptionally bright individual and an expert in strategy.

Vice Admiral Garp, even with his powerful abilities, possesses kindness and sympathy in him. He strongly believes in a sense of justice, always ready to fight for his principles. He is also highly faithful to his friends.

How strong is Monkey D Garp

One Piece’s Monkey D. Garp is without a doubt one of the best characters in OP world as well as being the most powerful Marine ever existed. He is one of the greatest pirate warriors alive, he fights with and against some of the strongest pirates, the likes of GOLD Roger who was the king of all pirates.

Garp masters in all three forms of Haki, as well as being enormously strong and sturdy physically. He is an experienced fighter who has a good command.

How old is Monkey D Garp

Monkey D. Garp is 78 years old as of the end of the Wano arc in the One Piece manga. Garp was born in 1455 and is the oldest son of Monkey D. Kong.

Garp’s most notable feats

  • On many occasions, he was able to fight fairly with Gol D. Roger pirate king.
  • He surrounded Edward Newgate, the Whitebeard, and his crew at Marineford.
  • With just one punch, he defeated Don Chinjao who had a bounty of over half a billion berries.
  • Even a head-on hit from the very powerful Admiral Akainu did not kill him.


There’s no denying, Garp is a real legend; the strongest marine in One Piece! Garp is a true hero, and he is an inspiration to Marines and pirates alike. He is a reminder that even the strongest people can be kind and compassionate.

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  • 6 October 2023

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