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Yuta’s Final Role In Jujutsu Kaisen?

The narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen has been fascinating, and has three main subs which have captured the minds of the fans globally. This time in our theory blog we will examine Yuji and Higuma’s potential, discuss Yuta’s role as the culmination of everything to come and speculate as to whom might win the long awaited showdown between Yuta and Kenjaku.

The Potential of Yuji and Higuma

Yuji’s Evolution: These transformations and new abilities suggest that Yuji is going to have a major power up. Claws and cursed womb absorption will be discussed to establish the implications of these events.
Higuma’s Domain: It is a challenge of the realm of no violence for adversaries, Higuma’s domain. Next, we will discuss the possible significance of this realm in future wars.

Yuta’s Final Role

The Enigmatic Yuta: The character arc of Yuta Okkotsu has remained unknown. We will look at his training with Kusakabe, soul-swapping powers’ implications and the ramifications of eating cursed wombs.
Yuta’s Connection to Sukuna: This will involve speculation of the role of Yuta in the ongoing conflict and what is likely to happen to his relationships with Rika Orimoto and Sukuna.

The Showdown: Yuta vs. Kenjaku

The Kinjaku Confrontation: A mysterious figure, Kinjaku with a history intertwined with Yuta is about play a crucial part. We’ll Look back at their history and speculate about the coming war.
Yuta’s Arsenal: Yuta’s special powers could be useful in his fight against Kinjaku, such as positive energy-based techniques and the ability to copy curses. The powers are going to be analyzed and the edge that they could give him.


With multiple subplots coming together to an epic climax, Jujutsu Kaisen still remains a source of intrigue and excitement for fans. Yuji’s potential with Higuma, Yuta’s mysterious character, and Yuta versus. All indications are that the series will be propelled by the Kenjaku showdown. These are the kind of compelling storyline that the audience awaits to be unveiled.

What are your theories and predictions regarding Yuji, Higuma, Yuta, and the impending Yuta vs. Kenjaku confrontation? Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments below!

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  • 8 October 2023

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