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Naruto’s Birthday With a New Special Flashback Manga Trailer

Hey fellow otakus! 🍥

You won’t believe me but it is October 10th birthday of the legendary Naruto Uzumaki only! Whether it’s passing his first ninja exam or being the best dad to Boruto, Naruto has won the hearts and souls of its fans worldwide. 🌍❤️

Get ready for a piece of epic news now! We have a treat coming from the Official Shonen Jump YouTube channel. Three manga trailers for our ninja. Let’s break it down:

The first video should be coming October 10th and it is going to be a real tearjerker. We will have a nostalgia trip as it takes us back to Naruto’s journey to becoming the Hokage and that epic battle with Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Get your tissues ready, folks! 😭

Next on October 11, they are going to give us a video comparing Naruto and Sasuke. Well, you know that rivalry is fire, and it will therefore be a must-watch showdown of ninja skills and willpower.

Finally, on October 12, it’s time for a video called “Rasengan”. Doesn’t everybody love a good dose of Rasengan? Ready for some high-octane ninja battles and jutsu that will blow your mind!

Oh, fellow fans, it’s a party for Naruto’s birthday’! This is going to be the best Naruto party ever marked on the calendars! Caught these awesome manga trailers dropping on the Official Shonen Jump YouTube channel? Believe it!

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  • 10 October 2023

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