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Kaido is like a Magikarp that evolved into a Gyarados!

Did you know Kaido is like a Magikarp, Kaido’s Devil Fruit is One Piece’s version of a Magikarp evolving into a Gyarados? When the Straw Hats first enter Wano by connecting their ship to one of the koi fish swimming up the waterfall, the scene was implicitly hinting at the story behind Kaido’s Devil Fruit, which, to many people’s surprise, is a Fish-Fish Fruit, Model: A mythical Zoan from Japanese mythology – Azure Dragon.

This parable is about a koi fish that has the courage to swim upstream, despite facing numerous barriers, including the Dragon Gate waterfall. This legend narrates that if a koi fish leaps over Dragon Gate waterfall boldly, they will transform into a dragon. This story portrays the spirit of enduring hardship and reaching for high goals, with the final goal being a ‘mythical’ dragon.

Just as the koi fish symbolizes, Kaido’s struggle as a pirate was full of hardships which needed strength and determination to go through. The pain and struggle associated with the search for power resonate with the ordeal of the koi fish and the conceptualization of pain and struggle. As Kaido sought strength and power, he walked an isolated path to find that it is a lonely path up top.

Kaido is like a Magikarp that evolved into a Gyarados!

The comparison between Kaido and the koi fish is quite interesting. They have gone through tremendous challenges in their lives and achieved great things. But Kaido’s journey has also been one of isolation and loneliness. This is a parable of peril of craving for power.

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  • 15 October 2023

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