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Gold D Roger- The King Of Pirate

In the last moment of his life he turned his fading flame into a huge fire that enveloped the world, No  never laughed more on that day I’ve never cried more on that day he was our Captain and he was a magnificent man hello and welcome to one-piece, everything in the one-piece world today we are going to be exploring the man who conquered the grand line hit the one piece and single-handedly began the Great Age of Pirate’s the former Pirate King Gold D Roger.

Gold D Roger known to most of the world as Gold Roger

Gold D Roger known to most of the world as Gold Roger is a tall and very stereotypically looking pirate man who gained incredible wealth and fame as a result of doing what nobody thought possible by conquering the grand line and becoming the Pirate King however exactly how he went about doing this is one of the greater enduring and ever unraveling mysteries in the series along with Roger himself actually despite being such a prolific figure we as readers and watchers still know such a limited amount about him after more than 20 years of publication what we do know however comes from firsthand sources who knew the Pirate King and he has generally been described as a fearless ever confident and extremely reckless individual who managed to find allies but ever he set sail now you may notice that that description is quite befitting of the series protagonist Monkey D Luffy and his similarities to the personality of Roger have also been noted by figures who sailed with Roger including crocus and red head shanks however according to Monkey D Garp, Roger was also a man prone to violence being quite short-tempered particularly when it involved any form of sight against one of his crewmates although garb did also add that Rogers actions were always pure and straight very akin to that of a child actually but being the mysterious figure he is we currently know very little about Rogers history except for the fact.

Roger is his meeting with his future first mate Silvers Rayleigh

He was born in Logue town in east blue from there the earliest record we have of Roger is his meeting with his future first mate Silvers Rayleigh, at the time Rayleigh was something of a delinquent who was living Unix Tolan boat when a young man wearing a straw hat rocked up in front of him and this brings us to something absurdly important actually this straw hat should look very familiar to all of you because it is the exact same piece of head we’re currently being donned by monkey dee Luffy at some stage during his career Roger passed out had on twig on shanks who in turn gave it to Luffy ten years prior to the commencement of his adventure in any case a young straw hat clad Roger asked Rayleigh to join his pirate crew claiming that this was a fated meet over the course of his career Roger proceeded to recruit a crew of highly renowned individuals many of whom is still unknown to us actually but it would eventually come to include Scapa Gabon, Kozuki Oden, Nekomamushi in Arashi.

Gold D Roger Pirate Crew Member

As well as a very young Red Hair’s Shanks and the ever-important Buggy the Clown exactly when and where each of these members joined to Roger pirates is currently unclear but at some stage the initial incarnation of the crew sailed to what they thought was the end of the grand line only to discover a deeper layer of mystery hidden throughout the world in the form of Poneglyph and so the roger pirates set out on subsequent voyages to discover the secrets of these stones however prior to their final journey Roger contracted an incurable disease and as a result they recruited the doctor crocus into the crew in order to keep Roger alive long enough to complete the voyage despite the illness at this stage Roger strength was known worldwide having been powerful enough to combat the hero of the Marines Monkey D Garp as well as direct rival Edward Newgate who would go on to become known as the strongest man in the world in addition to this Roger possessed the fairy vaguely explained power to hear the voice of all things it’s allowed Rogers to read or at least interpret mana glyphs even though they were written in an unfamiliar ancient language and furthermore he was able to hear the voices of gargantuan creatures such as sea kings as well as Zunisha.

EDD War Arc

Roger possessed one further attribute and that was incredible luck a perfect example of which was seen during the EDD War Arc  when the Roger pirates were up against the insurmountable fleet of Golden Lion cheeky this war concluded with an unpredictable storm that almost as if it were fated wiped out half of Shiki fleet and fated it may have been because Roger is one of the few figures in the world known to carry the other mysterious middle initial D, However even rarer than that Roger appears to be one of the few people in the world who understood the true meaning of the will of Dean at some stage the final journey of the Roger pirates led them to the legendary hidden island of rough hell and they became the first people in hundreds of years to set foot on the island what happened on the island is currently unclear but in the final year of his life Roger had attained more wealth power and fame than anybody could comprehend as well as became known as the Pirate King. Despite that Rogers health was worsening and in secrecy he proceeded to disband the Roger pirates he then conducted something of a farewell tour officially parting ways with longtime best friend Silvers Rayleigh and he even visited his old rival Whitebeard this meeting displayed the mutual respect that they had for one another as Roger oft tell Whitebeard the location of ruff tell as well as the mystery behind the will of D although white beard refused the forma because he had no interest in visiting the hidden island and yet another unknown point.

Roger farewell tour officially parting ways with Crew

 Roger became romantically entwined with a lady by the name of port caste Rouge and the two of them conceived a child prior to Roger handing himself over to the Marines after surrendering himself Roger was scheduled to be executed and in his final days Roger employed his one-time rival Garp to take care of his unborn child who would grow up to be port caste ace Rogers birthplace of Logue town in East Blue was chosen as the venue for his execution this show had been planned by the world government in order to set an example to others and dissuade them from taking up piracy the idea being that if even the Pirate King could be caught and dealt justice then nobody would be able to escape their own incoming justice unfortunately for the world government the spectacle backfired heavily and just before his execution Roger uttered what are probably the most famous words in the entire series my treasure why it’s right where I left it it’s yours if you can find it but you’ll have to search the whole world these words acted as the spark of the great age of pirates inspiring countless individuals to take to the sea and pursue.

Acted as the spark of the great age of pirates inspiring countless individuals

The dream of finding Roger’s legendary hidden treasure the one piece and taking the mantle of Pirate King for themselves thus in death roger left a legacy far more powerful than any of his living achievements and when one of those achievements includes becoming the pirate king then that is one truly astonishing accomplishment so more fun facts about Goldie Roger while Rogers execution is one of the most memorable images in the entire series exactly how the execution was performed is subject to interpretation in the anime Roger is seen being impaled through the heart by two Spears however the manga never actually shows or states how he was rendered dead although it should be noted that in the VIS manga translation it is stated that roger was decapitated while in the for kids dub he was said to be hung from the gallows despite being such an epic figure in the story roger has traditionally been a rather unpopular character at least with Japanese fans as he was ranked 83rd in the fourth popularity poll and didn’t place at all in the fifth poll although in the sixth ball Rogers popularity has improved significantly with him securing the 39th place position Rogers final legacy is hypothesized to be based on the final moments of real-life pirate Olivier Levasseur who is known for allegedly hiding one of the biggest treasures in pirate history and who tossed a cryptogram into the crowd prior to his own execution to this day this alleged treasure has yet to be found another potential inspiration of Roger can be found in the Pirate Henri.

Gold D Roger

Every who at one point became the richest pirate in the world and was even dubbed the King of the Pirate and finally a truly useless fact in one piece green it was revealed that Rogers moustache was originally intended to be nose hair and that pretty much does it for Gold D Roger.

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