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Revelation! | Bell’s Parents- Danmachi!

  Hii! Friends, Here today we will talk about a short but interesting information about Bell’s parents this information doesn’t come directly from the anime or light novels it comes from dan memo which is an official Danmachi video game to put us in context all this data comes from a talk between Zard and Alfia just before both former members of the Zeus and Hera Familia created the evilest group to cause a huge chaos in her area the two adventurers were level seven in the timeline these events occurred seven years before the current story.

Zard and Meteria 

Let’s get started in an unknown place the two mighty adventurers were chatting with a god named Erebus about their motives for attacking Hera and various other matters by the way this god also belonged to evilness but in that same chat Saul changed the subject and asked Alfia if she was sure she didn’t want to go see the boy before starting the conflict the god interpreted that they were talking about Alfia’s son but she corrected him and stated that her twin sister Meteria was the mother of that child Meteria was also a member of the Hera Familia. Alfia continued and explained that the father of that child was a member of the Zeus Familia therefore little belle is a descendant of both Familia’s at the same time the god was surprised and could not believe what he was hearing Zard took the floor and affirmed that it was true what Alfia was saying bell’s father was a member of the Zeus Familia although he remarked that this man was the weakest among them and that even wild boars could defeat him he explained that they found out about Meteria pregnancy shortly after the Zeus family captain was defeated by the black dragon salt thought the man was crazy as Hera was known to be unpitying if anyone meddled with her Familia the god was curious and asked where the little boy was Alfia said that her sister had followed Zeus into the mountains and had taken the child with her this is where Zeus adopts belle talking in more detail about belle’s parents Meteria had white hair just like belle though her eyes were different she like her sister Alfia suffered from an incurable disease that significantly weakened her to the point that she was unable to leave her room on her worst days Alfia described her sister Meteria as a very different person from her she was even more fragile and weak had no talent as an adventurer and was somewhat clumsy she was someone kind and pure who always had a smile and relaxed everyone with her presence Alfie said that even Hera herself adored Meteria the goddess even gave her a Faulkner to extend her life as long as possible no one could challenge her kindness but in the end the disease took her away and belle was left with Zeus on the other hand belle’s father he had red eyes just like his son although the name is not yet revealed it was revealed that he was a supporter within the Zeus Familia a role like that of lily Zard described him as somewhat of a coward as he was the first to flee when there was danger however belle’s father got along well with Zeus apparently they were both perverts and even went together to spy on girls and get into mischief at the present he is also dead at least for now there is not much more information about bell’s dad and well that’s all for today.

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  • 29 August 2021

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