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Jujutsu Kaisen: The Next Big Shonen?

Jujutsu Kaisen the Shonen is a action Including monster and weak or strong type curses, Ninja-like organization that fights them and plenty of animation alongside colorful characters that’ll get you interested and motivated whether this series is good or not it’s a question.

Jujutsu Kaisen at least i referred to plot that would be familiar to anyone who has enjoyed different kinds of Shonen over the last decade or so ninjas have been popular curses and supernatural elements have been rampant and you know the monster of the weak format, So many different shows it’s gone beyond think and it’s just into the realm of being expected at this point for any long running series but does it handle all of these elements well in a word.

Yuji Itadori

Yes jujutsu kaisen follows the life of one Yuji Itadori a somewhat naïve teenager with a stubborn grandfather figure and a set of morals common to your typical Shonen protagonist you know heavily valuing life and an idealistic vision of fairness Itadori  comes into contact with a finger of Sukuna an extremely cursed object that used to belong to a legendary demon and it contains a portion of his power power that nearby curses and monsters would love to consume and gain control of over the course of the show’s initial episode Itadori  finds himself in a situation where in order to save two fellow teenage friends he has to combat a curse thinking quickly he does what he thinks is the best move he eats the finger of Sukuna to gain its power we are told from a nearby curse hunter that this normally would have given the soul of Sukuna an avatar of sorts where Sukuna would overwhelm Itadori  consciousness take over his body and return to the land of the living reborn but that doesn’t happen as Itadori  has the inexplicable ability to pacify sets in his consciousness instead since the curse from the finger is so dangerous however Itadori is given a choice by our new curse hunter friend and his mentor Satoru Gojo die now so that this part of the curse that he has already consumed will be safely destroyed since apparently if Itadori dies he’ll take that cursed peace with him or work with the school of Jujutsu sorcerers to find more pieces of Sukuna keep them under control and then he can die later so that all of the pieces can be properly exercised at once.

Itadori choice eat all then Die or right now

 In Jujutsu Kaisen first three episodes are fairly standard so in the case of jujutsu kaisen if how well it executes common Shonen tropes was the poor rate it is certainly in the higher tier of teapots it has been doing everything right the animation is on point the characters are interesting and intriguing our main character especially useless and it has an overall story arc that has me engaged now i could sit here and talk about how it doesn’t add anything to these common formulas in a negative way but in this case i don’t feel like i don’t feel like going with a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality is wrong the series has been extremely enjoyable thus far and if i have to worry about anything with it it’s it’s about the the potential for the production to start slipping as time goes.

Discussing the curse in the room

Get to discussing the curse in the room as it were the insinuation made in the title will jujutsu kaisen be the next big thing why is this even something we are bringing up first of all well because when the mangaka for My Hero Academia says on record that a series will become the legendary Shonen jump that is not a claim we should take lightly sure it is possible that horikoshi sensei was just trying to help drum up massive amounts of hype for this series because perhaps he himself is a fan or it could be something that was influenced by the producers that jump themselves trying to further sell the original manga in either case could jujutsu kaisen be the next big thing can yes is it currently I’d say no not yet again i’m not trying to knock the series all that heavily but when you aim for perfection like that you better not miss and while i have been heavily enjoying this series so far i don’t get the same kind of wow factor that I’ve gotten from other Shonen series in the past at least and please let me stress this not yet because with only three episodes as good as it’s been so far i do not feel like it deserves a place at the same table as legendary Shonen of years past though honestly this should not be surprising.

Shonen take a number of arcs to get really good

Most Shonen take a number of arcs to get really good, Bleach was famous for not hitting its stride until the Soul Society arc which in anime terms didn’t start until episode 21. personally i didn’t fall in love with Hunter X Hunter until the New York city arc episode 45. Like there is a precedent for Shonen anime to only get better with age and more episodes not every series needs to explode with awesomeness off the bat like with what demon slayer was pretty much able to do so the question then becomes will jujutsu kaisen be allowed to even get that far.

We are jump Heroes

Remember when My Hero Academia first came out in 2016 how it was only granted a measly 13 episodes oh boy does that feel weird now it wasn’t until the following year that it got followed up with its 25 episode second season and heck now it’s almost at what 90 some odd episodes Hiro aka was given the chance to continue and gain traction as a longer running Shonen anime now currently jujutsu kaisen is slated to have 24 episodes at least to start will that be enough to allow it to build a decent foundation history says yes but just because bones was able to pull it off with Horikoshi akka doesn’t mean that Mappa can do the same here now i love Mappa it has handled a number of superb shows but with the strain that the pandemic has had on anime last or this year and the fact that the studio is also trying to juggle finishing off the attack on titan adaptation for this year i think i am well within my rights to worry a bit on both if they can handle all that and if it won’t have consequences for their staff down the line but you know perhaps my pessimism is getting the better of me so on a lighter note damn is this e.d good or what that’s it that’s the tweet beyond all that though i have extremely high expectations and hopes for this series every episode looks to have been trending in japan when it’s come out and there is a lot about this world and these characters that have me extremely invested in seeing how things are going to continue like just episode three’s introduction of who i feel as best girl of season has done nothing but continue to make me hopeful for the future of the series the fact that in a single google search I’ve learned that she’s also been called the queen of Shonen jump.

Jujutsu Kaisen: The Next Big Shonen?

This might not be weird for anybody else but it’s kind of a big thing for me i don’t dislike any of the main characters which i normally do with the Shonen or at least there’s this one character that i tolerate but honestly would not mind if they got written out post haste the main trio seem to have great chemistry too that we haven’t seen a large amount of interaction between Nobara and Megumi as of yet just a few snide comments but i’m sure they’re gonna get along great and Satoru Gojo as a mentor figure has been superb though uh and i’m sure i’m just asking manga readers to spoil the crap out of me with this but if any character here seems to be standing on a pile of death flags it’s him which makes me worried and hesitant to love him more as a character than i currently do I’ve just I’ve been hurt many times man with luck this series has a long and bright future ahead of it the potential is there the quality of the production is there at least so far the manga’s popularity hasn’t yet reached the same heights as its other shown in brethren but that doesn’t mean it won’t or can’t get there i’m just hopeful which is rare for me but at the moment it’s all i can be.

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  • 30 August 2021

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