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Crazy Boruto theory? How This Show End

 Let’s move on to the end of Boruto like what’s happening here why are they fighting is Boruto evil was he taken over by Momoshiki like what’s going on i think maybe Boruto does get taken over by Momoshiki because it already has happened before but i don’t think he’ll stay in control’s I think something might happen somebody i don’t know who might have an idea or a plan or jutsu that could throw Momoshiki out of Boruto which would prompt a new battle with Boruto and Kawaki.

Oh that’s so cool that would be so that’ll be so dope so it would be the two karma holders or the two vessels versus now Momoshiki yeah the big villain, i remember this correctly but i don’t know if Kawaki said to put karma on code to take to place his his karma on code and take over his body at some point um that’s another possibility of if Boruto switches over to code’s body and has this power of Momoshiki and Ishiki combined into one vessel or something like that just be an OP, but one question is you know everyone says that Boruto probably the villain and i think about this like off Karma of how Boruto might kill uh Mitsuki. As Mitsuki’s kind of like being set up to be his moon and it’s kind of like a parallel between naruto and sasuke where naruto never gave up on sasuke um and sasuke would never kill naruto but in this case Boruto is going to do it so it’s a complete opposite of that story that might happen before he turns into Momoshiki something might happen where it’s an accidental kind of thing and yeah it pushes to Momoshiki to go full 100 and take over because his consciousness is so broken now that he’s killed one of his best friends or something like that i definitely feel like that might happen because that’s not like they really didn’t they left it hey when they had that little sun and moon conversation it was definitely something that they were going to bring back not like as an important thing but as a set up to something else so it could possibly be the death of Mitsuki.

Boruto sees this and loses control

Boruto sees this and loses control that makes sense that makes sense they’re definitely going to bring it back up because even the manga it’s not even a conversation they’ve had yet it’s just like a side story of like talking about Mitsuki past and he’s like i am the moon i have to go find my sun it hasn’t been spoken about yet so i think that’s definitely going to be a storyline they bring back up soon especially in this time skip but another question where i was trying to go to but i got off topic because it was a good it was good to bring up Mitsuki in that first scene of Boruto Kawaki says i’m gonna send you to the same place i sent the seventh Hokage which is why everyone thought he’s the villain but thinking about the kind of how this has been set up where sasuke has definitely said if it needs to happen i will take Boruto out and naruto has told the other kage i will do what i have to do because i’m their Hokage so it kind of makes me think now what if post time skip Kawaki is this amazing ninja for the village right he’s coming to his own and everything but Boruto flips.

Mitsuki in that first scene of Boruto Kawaki

I’ve seen this theory go around naruto may help Boruto escape the village making naruto a rogue ninja and it’s possible that with that line it can refer to that i’m willing to take you out Boruto because i took your father out because i had to for the sake of this village so what if naruto is gonna go rogue because he can’t take his sun out i really don’t know because literally watching the anime Kawaki has so much adoration for naruto yeah like it’s hard seeing the flip there’s a chance that it could happen like i need for Kawaki to go back to the old Kawaki because right now he’s like a new cocky yeah he’s all about being nice and a team player he likes being with the lord seventh and his family yeah like so it’s gonna be like i need to see that that chance that it could happen i could i could see that but like the thing is like i get what you’re saying but like if he regardless of his admiration for naruto if he’s become this ninja that everyone can count on and now he understands the shinobi way and sees that naruto regardless of the reasoning is doing something that’s harming the village that now he loves i don’t think it’s something a question of like going back to the old Kawaki.

Naruto isn’t protecting the village

It’s just like this is just uh this is who you raised me to be now you’re raising more strength yeah he’s going by the rules yeah you raised me to be this ninja and i have to do what i have to do to protect the village and what you’re doing naruto isn’t protecting the village so sorry i have to go take down Boruto so i have to go through you first that would be such an emotional scene it would be like to have the kid the kid that naruto raised and technically raised right ability yeah he’s ninja helped him deal with his demons and now i have to take him out because the village is being destroyed because you weren’t able to take boards about when we needed to it makes me want to cry right now because it’s like it’s just like it’s it’s the ultimate it’s like the ultimate fall it’s not even a fall of his character because this is naruto is he did it for sasuke even though i realized now watching naruto again they should have took sasuke out when they had the chance the same thing could happen here where he’s going to protect Boruto and sasuke is doing what naruto should have done a long time ago possibly Naruto’s take sasuke out to protect Boruto oh my gosh oh that would be so much the end of naruto be insane in the end of the childhood right there right right if they want to close naruto out and they want to end that story it has to be in the way that fits Naruto’s character and that is going by a ninja way.

Boruto and Kawaki are the Last Ninja’s

Which is he always says he’s going to go by his word but it’s also he’s going to protect those he cares about he’s not going to let go of those bonds regardless of who or what it is whatever the case may be and if Boruto does flip to Momoshiki Naruto’s not gonna naruto is not gonna be the one to take before take Boruto out he’s not he can’t do it it’s it’s a way to do it man it is a way to do it just end of a generation right there yeah just right there and just open up to a new one this is all about Boruto so yeah although it would be hard to to watch as as growing up with naruto it would be a good ending for him if it does happen that way then Kawaki’s like the last shinobi standing wherever whatever happened to everyone else i’m not sure probably Boruto dropped a giant were saying gone on the entire village because he just full it just went full size game he kept going with the sasuke taking out the leaves because Momoshiki were staying on ridiculous but uh yeah that’s that’s that yeah so what do you guys think of our naruto turns against the leaf it’s a theory.

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  • 30 August 2021

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