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Boruto and Kawaki?

Boruto and most importantly we are talking about Boruto past time skip because we have no idea what’s going to happen after this Time skip but we know that Boruto and Kawaki are going to fight but Boruto or maybe stumbled upon this have no idea.

Boruto is i don’t want to say problematic

Let’s start so Boruto is i don’t want to say problematic but kind of problematic because he has everything naruto wanted as a kid but it’s also biting him in the butt at the same time because naruto is not around he’s the Hokage he’s never home he sends shadow clones home rather than being home until Kawaki comes by an Armful’s like i’m a dad now that’s like naruto what are you doing but can we talk about how how stuck up this kid is diorite had none of this none of that he ain’t had a family like that not even siblings and birds is like my dad’s useless right tired all the time right like he hate the Hokage it doesn’t have all these shadows around the villages it takes time and energy right exactly and he’s like dad why can’t you not be Hokage for once exactly like what exactly he doesn’t see he’s a full-time job he doesn’t see all the things that naruto does for the village and that point leads to this entire story Boruto cheating on the Chunin exams using these scientific ninja tools which leads to the rival of Momoshiki. 

Momoshiki placing karma on Boruto

Which leads to Momoshiki placing karma on Boruto and slowly taking over his body which i believe at this point he’s eighty percent Otsutsuki and this is after Boruto is pretty much fully controlled by Momoshiki after his Naruto’s and others final battle against Ishiki so right now Boruto is in this weird place of i don’t want Momoshiki to take over and i’m gonna accept that if i need to go if someone needs to end my life that’s fine because that’s the shinobi way something else we should mention too is that Kawaki lost his karma because Ishiki fully took over Jigen’s body however we know he gets it back based on that first scene we ever saw in Boruto so i guess before we talk about the end how do you think Kawaki is going to get his karma back uh something tells me that he probably never really lost it in the first place like it’s somewhere still dormant inside him and that’s probably how he’s gonna get it back because like this was supposed to be the vessel right if you’re gonna be the body for Ishiki it’s going to take a lot more to take out the power needed to be that body man right for him so i i think that it’s probably still dormant inside of him for now so he won’t it won’t come out until probably probably another fight and to add on to what you’re saying about the karma coming back Amado has talked to Kawaki about putting the karma back into his body because apparently he can do that but Kawaki like no i don’t want to do that because i don’t need that power.

Kawaki learned from Naruto

I understand he learned from naruto that he’s like i want to try to not depend on that power anymore he wants to try to use more jutsu now and like there’s gonna be a time where he’s gonna have a talk with somebody i don’t know who it’s gonna be but he’s gonna be like you can use your jutsu and you can use this power and they’ll both be yours they’re not this person’s if you control it right it’s kind of a kind of naruto in a way yes i feel like maybe that talk might happen so it might be during a serious moment where he’ll have to make the decision again whether or not to have that re-implanted into him yeah i can see that the other possibility is too that it could be forced upon him he could go the entire season of like i just don’t want this power anymore but actually one conversation that’s happened is that he’s told Boruto to possibly put karma on someone else so if Momoshiki takes over his soul will go into another vessel so Boruto can still live so it’s possible at some point i don’t know what’s going to cause Boruto to snap i don’t know if Momoshiki actually does take over or Boruto just loses it but maybe Boruto puts karma on Kawaki for some reason there’s a lot of different possibilities but i like your i really like your theory of him coming to terms with the power itself and trying to make it his own and it’s possible that could happen because of Boruto.

Boruto and Kawaki

Boruto’s now Momoshiki board has gone he’s like the only way to stop him is to activate this power again and maybe he has this internal battle if that if he puts Karma back on i don’t i don’t see this happening because it doesn’t sound like it could but he could come back and he could have this battle internally of like Ishiki trying to take over his body but Kawaki at the same time is like i’m not gonna let you take over it could happen like internally because Ishiki did have so much mental mental grab on him that i don’t know if it showed it in the in the manga as much but in the anime Kawaki would often have flashbacks of the teachings yes he had to go through and the mental anguish that he had he had to endure when he was sold by his father to Ishiki to be the role as a vessel so maybe it might happen again where like he might just get another like really bad flashback to the point where it becomes a physical manifestation or a hallucination for him yeah i definitely think that could be a possibility especially with we discussed that he is eighty percent Otsutsuki mean’s he is eighty percent Ishiki um so that is definitely a huge possibility but regardless we know that Kawaki is going to get karma back at some point so i guess.

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  • 30 August 2021

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