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Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori as a great show was not an easy thing to do in fact with a simpler statement as cute girls don’t keep things like half a dozen of her anime I think the people that see it that way are kind of wrong.

Now let’s get something clear first to the Cute aspects of Non Non Biyori are a big part of the character of the show but to leave it there seems awfully empty for something I legitimately consider one of my favorites when I gave it some real thoughts I realized the answer as to why the show shines above many others is almost ridiculously simple it understands and portrays childhood impeccably Non Non Biyori provides us with four amazingly fun characters of various ages and shows us a year through their childhood life that’s what the show intended to be and that’s exactly what it is the show lacks any sort of story because it entirely focuses around the countryside and the blooming buds it contains in fact the show has only five students attending at school which is very unrealistic but it does emphasize this while it lacks a story it certainly doesn’t lack development as what effectively is happening as our characters are growing up I’ll be it at a very nice and slow pace even within the space of just one year the show portrays milestone events in pretty much everyone’s childhood like I’d say a good 50% of you watching this have had the experience of running away as a kid before realizing you’re just a little.

Non Non Biyori

The show actually does get touching at parts because of this without spoiling anything yet to the very end Non Non Biyori is an overwhelmingly light-hearted and relaxing experience which is why I love it as such what we have here is one of the best 13 episode slice of life experiences available to anime fans with some of the most lovable characters you can find anywhere especially Natsume my personal favorite there’s something about watching Renge and everyone really that just puts you in a great mood the thing about the characters of Non Non Biyori is that they all just work so well together and in any combination.

Hotaru and Renge and a rabbit cage

Hotaru and Renge and a rabbit cage and you can bet you’re in for a hell of a time that says something about just how good the personalities of these girls are when you can be entertained by nothing having a show with one or even a few good characters is pretty standard stuff but when somehow an entire cast of vibrant and diverse individuals are brought together that’s when you know you’ve got something special the anime gods are not normally this generous in terms of its presentation I don’t think Non Non Biyori is the most amazingly animated anime out there but that’s not to say it doesn’t look nice the show spans an entire year and as such it froze our art depicting all four seasons which meant much like the actual show the visuals never got boring when it wants to the show can really stun you and being set in the countryside means this happens more than you might think the character designs are relatively simple but in my mind it fits the show perfectly and of course they’re cute so what more can you ask for really Non Non Biyori is opening by Nano Ripe is in my opinion not the most fitting for the tone of the show I think their music is more suited for drama orientated anime but I still listen to it now and then even if it felt out of place at the time now when you turn to the background music and ending flawless is actually a great way to describe it the soundtrack blends so well into what’s going on on screen that it takes the show from being relaxing to don’t watch it when you want to do work because you’ll be completely absorbed the fact that the ending sounds as good as it does when it’s sung by the say use of the show really highlights just how talented they are shout out and that’s me again for being best girl.


Non Non Biyori is a show that I love to no end for it is one of the funniest fun and all-round great to experience anime I’ve ever seen so believe me if you can appreciate the smaller things and haven’t seen it yet do something about that you don’t have to be edgy to be entertaining 

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  • 30 August 2021

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