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The End Of The Dark Triad! – Black Clover Chapter 304

Friend’s so this latest chapter of Black Clover was pretty fun with previous chapter we received a glimpse into the past of Nozel Silva, as Megicula accursed his mother he was completely helpless and from then on her health rapidly deteriorated the rest of the family assumed this to be the case on account of Noelle’s birth and unfortunately she could not tell them otherwise and neither could Nozel as he had been cursed.

Nozel Silva, as Megicula accursed his mother

As well that if he told anyone he would die and the curse would spread like a plague because of this Nozel sought to figure things out on his own for the sake of saving his beloved mother but nothing he did wound up being successful and so his mother told him to stop for his own good she would tell him that although it’s not easy to get stronger that one day all of her children would be stronger than her and so Nozel needed to continue living and when she eventually did die Nozel swore to himself that he would become stronger for the sake of avenging his mother and protecting his siblings and with that because of how incompetent noel seemed to be with her magic he refused her and said terrible things to her for the sake of deterring her from a fate similar to her mother’s or even his own and now finally in facing megicula he would have his revenge his assault on megicula was unending but on account of the magic she had access to thanks to the souls she possessed including his mothers her defenses were impeccable but regardless.

Soul of their late mother would emerge and embrace

Nozel’s mercury would overtake her and destroy her form exposing her heart and with it now being exposed noel would appear to deliver the final blow as together the siblings had done it they had defeated Megicula and to follow her demise the soul of their late mother would emerge and embrace them briefly leaving them speechless with tears flowing from their eyes with this latest chapter we would see the magical abominations of Megicula begin to dissolve and reveal their more unsettling composition but with Megicula’s defeat the curse on Lolopechka began to erode as well and in her case reveal her entire body what was really awkward and embarrassing as noel would appear and send Asta flying she would then hug tightly onto her friend wearing a dress made of water provided to her by Undine as Undine herself was now really really small on account of using up so much of her power Asta would then make his way back to noel and question why she was being so strange but she couldn’t even look at him right now she was downright panicking on the inside and really embarrassed after coming to terms with her own feelings previously but in her embarrassment she would just send him flying yet again.

Nozel was in a similar predicament

So yeah anyone who assumed noel would not continue being sundered i hope you are not too disappointed meanwhile Nozel was in a similar predicament as despite the curse having been lifted he had no idea how to speak to noel as an older brother should and i must say the fact that the curse has been lifted is so major i honestly cannot wait for the rest of their family to learn the truth and have to recognize their prejudices towards noel to be wrong and unjust meanwhile as real’s Valhalla spell faded so too with their ability to keep standing and interestingly enough real would think to himself that he still could not achieve the ultimate picture then coming to some sort of untold revelation on that front which is to say that there is certainly more in store for the character of real and i for one am certainly a fan of his following his performance here the guy is easily one of the best support mages in the entire series charlotte was grateful to real for the opportunity he had given them but still felt like it was far too soon for them to die.

Point would approach Gaja 

Just yet and at this point Gaja would approach the larger group with luck but as he came closer happy to see his queen safe Gaja would collapse and so too would rill and charlotte they were all down and Lolopechka would immediately use her water recovery magic on them but it was not working her magic could not heal their wounds and Asta was helpless here too as he was completely incapable of healing things were looking very bad but just then knot would begin to emerge from the shadows with Megicula curse magic no longer impeding his ability to do so he would say that there is nothing that can be done about them that at the very least their sacrifices were not in vain as they had beaten a supreme devil and that should be enough that in reality the righteous are not always rewarded although he would like for them to be but at the same time with him at the behest of luck there was mimosa she would declare that she would not let anyone die and would immediately get to work this was ultimate plant magic flower princess’s dreamland oh my goodness the clover kingdom is so stacked right now not was absolutely astounded by the spell as noel would say that reality can be turned into whatever they want because that’s how magic works and i don’t know i guess i can’t argue with that and suddenly these three were completely healed this is especially crazy to me because there is no indication of fatigue on mimosa’s part this didn’t even seem to be a taxing spell this isn’t even her pushing her limits and doing her utmost and so who knows how many times she could pull something like this off but yeah everyone was happy to see these three healed up as though Lolopechka would apologize to Gaja profusely.

Gaja is a real one man

Gaja would wait for a moment and then suddenly say to her that he loves her much to everyone shocked especially the two sunderers present and Gaja is a real one man he plays no games as he was sure to specify that he meant not as a queen but as a woman what completely short-circuited Lolopechka brain as Undine would become a bit jealous Lolopechka was apparently hers yet with it being Gaja it was hard for her to flat out deny but while all this was going down Nozel would have his mind elsewhere as he would say that as much as he hated to admit it noel got stronger because of Yami and so they absolutely needed to save him meanwhile not was thinking to himself how they had all gotten stronger than he once imagined that now there was only one member of the dark triad left for them to face which then took us to just before the defeat of Megicula as Yuno and Langris  face Zenon still in his 100 form Zenon would say that they’d wasted enough time and that he was ready to put an end to all of it and it would seem that these two were in a very desperate situation.

Yuno was still in spirit dive and ask Langris to buy him three minutes

Yuno was still in his spirit dive state and would ask Langris to buy him three minutes as he would be able to finish things up with his next attack and that was the chapter what interesting declaration that is from Yuno i wonder what spell could possibly be so strong they would require that much time and also finish the guy off completely now in regards to the water spirit Undine i wonder what will become of her in regards to her possession as to take her away from Noelle now would no doubt be a loss in power for one of our most important characters.

Zenon still in his 100 form

I’ve already expressed my expectations for that in the past but i am still crossing my fingers here now i’m sure there are bound to be some people who are upset about gadgets surviving in this chapter but for me i can let it be simply because it allowed mimosa to really display just how capable her healing is i mean what better way to exemplify his capabilities than have it be used on three characters on the verge of death but i can certainly get. And what’s your point about this mention me below in Comment’s.

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