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Secret Power of the Supreme Kai!- DBZ

The Supreme Kai- The Kaio Shin are the celestial creators of the Dragonball world the literal gods of creation you would think they would be extremely powerful possibly equal to that of the gods of destruction but the answer is most of them really aren’t especially the supreme kai that we first meet in the Buu saga of Dragonball Z so how strong is the supreme kai when you examine the way that he is portrayed by Toriyama and the manga and in the anime of course by to a he doesn’t really seem that impressive but there are strange abilities that he can do and there are certain things that he states that make him a bit stronger than you may remember.

Supreme Kai’s

Supreme Kai has been a topic of debate for quite some time because we’re not really given a clear indication in the series as to how strong he is now for this blog I’m gonna talk specifically about the Supreme Kai that survived Majin Buu not the grand supreme kai or the other ones and not the fusion between him and Kabuto we’re talking about specifically just supreme kai by himself when he first shows up in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo is spooked now obviously piccolo being spooked to me has always been more so the fact that Kami was inside of him and if you remember Kami was the god of earth and he had knowledge of the celestial beings he knows being the god of earth who the supreme kai is and he has familiarity with the god hierarchy because he’s the one who told Goku and informed him of King Yemma and King Kai and all these characters from the other world.

Supreme Kai

So it’s more so the fact that Piccolo, Slash Kami the Super Namekian were shocked that supreme kai would be on earth now in Dragon Ball Z supreme kai straight-up says that he’s more powerful than Frieza and could have gotten rid of him so when you’re scaling this guy he has to be at the bare minimum android saga level but the reality is he’s stronger than that now obviously the question will come to mind as to why the Supreme Kai never got involved in the fight with Frieza but that can mostly be chalked up to the fact that gods don’t get involved in mortal matters unless it actually affects them so to speak and I don’t think freeze that was really affecting him but we found out in Dragon Ball super that he’s not very good at his job which is why the rankings of the universe’s for determinate power were so low nor see that powerful case in point the waste portrayed in Dragon Ball Z we have him being utterly in all and in shock as to how strong Goku Gohan and Vegeta have become but strangely enough they’re still able to suppress or at least hold down Super Saiyan to Gohan while Baba DS minions were able to take his power of course part of the plan to find out where Bobby he’s hiding but the fact they were able to do that should kind of tell you that these guys aren’t weak however I don’t believe that has Anthony to do with actual power see the thing about the supreme kai you have to remember is that he’s sort of like the polar opposite the antithesis of Babidi whereas with Babidi you have a character that is not physically strong but he has strange magical abilities that regular mortals.


Supreme kai the reason he was able to hold down

Just can’t do and the same thing goes with supreme kai the reason he was able to hold down Gohan like that is not because he’s stronger than him it’s because of the fact that he has weird celestial abilities that regular mortals just don’t have it’s sort of like hacks but yet later on in the very same arc in fact very shortly after we have a scene where Goku is straight-up threatening to kill the Supreme Kai if he doesn’t get out of the way and I allow him to fight Majin Vegeta Goku’s got his hand out and he straight-up telling this guy I will kill you and Supreme Kai backed down now obviously if Supreme Kai was stronger than Goku there would be no reason for him to back down and remember Goku was not as Super Saiyan 2 when he did this to Supreme Kai he did not transform into that power until they went back to the battlefield and both he and Vegeta powered up and unleashed their new well maybe not new but their upgrades I guess you could say in power and they had that great epic fight now the Supreme Kai during this whole thing this whole time is just portrayed as being this I mean I hate to say it but he’s kind of a wuss really when you think about it because he just ends up getting humiliated during the initial fight with Buu and as a guy who’s supposed to be a God of creation he supposed to be Beerus –is opposite in a way it’s kind of funny that he’s just this week but of course in Dragon Ball super the reason why the gods of destruction are stronger than the Supreme Kai is the gods of creation is because you have to be stronger to destroy them to create now that being said don’t forget that Bierce was also trained by Wiese and there’s no indication at all in the series that we strange Supreme Kai and if he did he’d probably be a heck of a lot stronger so how strong is the supreme kind we know he’s not super saying 1 Goku level from the Buu saga and we know he’s not Super Saiyan 2 level.

Dragon Ball Z scaling

At all we know that and this is Dragon Ball Z scaling not Dragon Ball super scaling and we know he’s definitely stronger than Frieza well the only way to get a clear answer we have to go to the guide books now unfortunately the Japanese guide books don’t provide a lot of data on this but there is a Spanish guidebook called la manga legend Aria which straight up tells us how strong he is well not straight up tells us but it definitely speculates strongly that the supreme Chi is equal to full power Goku during the sell game in other words the Goku that fought sell for that time in the sell game that’s how strong the supreme kai is according to that law manga legend Aria now understand something when it comes to guide books you can’t always take them at face value because a lot of times guide books contradict the series and our retcon later on Plus in addition to that you have to remember that this is not only a guide book it’s one that was not released by Shueisha’s in Japan. Shueisha hadn’t gonna do with this neither the Toriyama it’s something that came out in Latin America and even though the Latin Americans have connections which to Asia we don’t really know how much participation to–we and Shu Asia had with this release and we definitely don’t know what Toriyama’s involvement was because we don’t even know what his involvement truly is with the other guide books the dies n choose and chosen choose it’s pretty much been perceived by me and a lot of other Dragonball historians that Toriyama doesn’t really get involved in this as much people think.

Piccolo would be kind of awestruck by him

He does he’ll make a couple of statements here and there and help out but he’s not writing these things from scratch so there are creative liberties taken but to me that somewhat makes sense because it would explain as to why Piccolo would be kind of awestruck by him but at the same time you have to also remember that even though full power Goku from the Cell Games is stronger than Super Namekian piccolo. Super Namekian Piccolo and the Buu saga is stronger than he was in the Android Tiger or the cell saga he is a lot more powerful so you really can’t justify that being the reason it’s why he was freaked out I think it was more so the Kami inside of him like.

Current Supreme Kai

 I said earlier in the blog so that’s what LA Marlins Daria as supreme kai is Goku full power level which again it makes sense because that Goku could not touch Majin Buu obviously Goku and the Buu saga is astronomically more powerful even without Super Saiyan 3 even his base form is beastly in the Buu saga so Supreme Kai just can’t hack it.

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  • 28 August 2021

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