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Luck’s Magic Secret- Black Clover

 Alright so something we find to be very interesting about black clover that we tend to bring up is the fact that Tabata writes like he is pressed for time and I mean this in a good way Tabata may very well be one of the most humble mangakas amongst those with big name series and i say this because when it comes to major arcs of the story they all in some way or another feel rather conclusive as if the story could just wrap up there and be done with and this is how many new series are made to be written.

Black Clover

Simply because there is that degree of uncertainty to be had in the realm of manga in terms of cancellation and such but despite having been successful in the magazine for years now it does not seem like Tabata has let go of that caution yet at the same time that does not mean that he is not prepared to continue the story if given the opportunity it’s clear that he has sown certain plot seeds well in advance.

Luck Voltia

May for now be overlooked but stand to potentially become very major at later points and with that I would like us to turn our attention to Luck Voltia now luck is a very fascinating character that has been with us since the very beginning of the story he is a somewhat sociopathic battle junkie that for the most part is always smiling beyond that he also serves to defy certain things we know about magic in the world of black clover in this world of magic nobles possess the most power that is both societal and biological as they simply possess superior magical power in general and so for a commoner to even compete they typically need to have some sort of odd or rare magical attribute and so commoners with basic elemental magics tend to be pretty weak with a very low power ceiling yet despite being a commoner and with the basic element of lightning luck is absurdly powerful with crazy levels of potential i mean amongst those with true and or ultimate magic he is in the company of nobles and non-humans despite being of common birth and perhaps one might argue that you know despite being a peasant with the basic element of wind also possesses incredible magic and fair enough however it has in fact been revealed that Yuno is actually of royal birth and so the rule still stands and so although luck could just be an outlier on account of well luck i believe there is a far more interesting explanation to be had.

Luck’s mana capacity according to the official data book is tier 4 out of 5 which is just about the same as the weaker royals like Mimosa, Nebra and Solid but do keep in mind that these are simply tears as despite nozzle and Yami being both tier 5 nozzle has considerably more mana than Yami and so with all this in mind we are convinced that luck is in fact the illegitimate son of a Noble something we certainly know to be a possibility on account of characters like the captain of the golden dawn William and with that we do actually know a good bit about luck’s mother she too was a commoner and because of luck’s inability to stop smiling she was somewhat physically abusive towards him however in defeating a noble during the magic tournament held at his school his mother’s treatment of him shifted suddenly she was proud of him then telling him to keep winning several times over and clearly.

Luck’s inability to stop smiling
The woman was somewhat deranged but because of this Luck’s obsession with combat came to be now why would she commend such a thing to such an extent that her whole tune would shift well when luck won it garnered quite a bit of attention a tension that perhaps she desired as a means of catching the eye of luck’s noble father her mental instability possibly being due to being abandoned by the noble who had impregnated her and to take things even further we believe luck’s father to be a noble of House of Roselei and also the father of Charlotte Roselei captain of the blue rose now between luck and charlotte there is a nine year age gap and so perhaps when they discovered charlotte to be cursed as they did discover her to be cursed when she was a child her father decided to have a mistress so that the family would have an heir in the event that her curse was unable to be broken however as we know her curse was alleviated to an extent on account of Yami saving her and with that Charlotte’s father would have disowned luck at his mother from the blonde hair to the blue eyes there is certainly a degree of resemblance between luck and charlotte but to be fair luck’s mother also had blonde hair and blue eyes so it’s debatable if this is even worth taking note of or not but what i think is really crazy is that during the elf invasion arc the elves that had taken over the bodies of luck and charlotte were literally siblings.
luck and charlotte were literally siblings
Which was actually very much like the case of gauche emery actual siblings possessed by sibling elves and would you look at that lux grimoire also has a flower and vine pattern on it similar to charlotte’s rose pattern now we know that charlotte does not care for men who are all talk and are weak but perhaps has also had to do with her father as she may have known a bit about his adulterous exploits to an extent and form some of her distaste for men from that and i feel like the fact that Charlotte’s curse is something familial and not something she herself did directly wrong is bound to be brought up again as for who cursed charlotte’s family and why we’ve actually seen a silhouette of a witch with feathers around her this woman may have been the witch queen and although the visage isn’t exactly the same she may have simply changed her look over the years the witch queen removed the ancient curse on Asta so effortlessly a courage that not even the best healing mage in the Clover kingdom was able to do anything about and so in some way or another she is likely connected to the devil megicula as she is the progenitor of all curses in fact Megicula sign the sign seen on Vanica’s tail and torso when she transforms may also be found on the witch queen’s wall and so perhaps in whatever family exploration is to come in the case of charlotte.
The truth about luck will arise as well as for why the witch queen would have targeted charlotte’s family i’m not entirely sure maybe her father just got around and she was angry but yeah guys that’s just about it.

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  • 28 August 2021

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