Devil Fruits With The Right Users for Straw Hats: The Perfect Pairings
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Devil Fruits With The Right Users for Straw Hats: The Perfect Pairings

In the fantastical world of One Piece, Devil Fruits stand as coveted treasures, granting their consumers extraordinary powers that shape the course of their adventures. While the series has bestowed these mystical fruits upon a vast array of characters, some could have benefited immensely from specific Devil Fruits that never crossed their paths. Let’s delve into the realm of hypothetical possibilities and explore the perfect Devil Fruit pairings for four beloved Straw Hats: Usopp, Sanji, Frankie, and Chopper.

Usopp: The Marksman’s Precision Unleashed with the Mark Mark Fruit

The Limitations of Usopp’s Marksmanship

Usopp, the Straw Hats’ charismatic sniper, is renowned for his long-range attacks and unwavering spirit. However, despite his impressive marksmanship, he often finds himself facing opponents who outmatch him in physical strength and close-quarters combat.

The Mark Mark Fruit’s Unique Abilities

To elevate his combat prowess and further solidify his role as a sharpshooting prodigy, I propose the ideal Devil Fruit for Usopp: the Mark Mark Fruit. The Mark Mark Fruit grants its user the ability to create permanent markings on any surface, including organic matter like living beings.

 Usopp’s Transformation into an Untouchable Marksman

Imagine Usopp, armed with his Kabuto, marking his opponents’ weak spots as he observes them from a distance. With each subsequent shot, his aim would become increasingly refined, transforming him into an untouchable marksman capable of felling even the most formidable foes.

Sanji: The Speedster’s Supremacy with the Hobby Hobby Fruit

Sanji’s Combat Style and Vulnerabilities

Sanji, the Straw Hats’ compassionate chef and master of leg-based combat, is renowned for his incredible agility and lightning-fast kicks. However, his combat style relies heavily on close-quarters engagements, leaving him vulnerable to ranged attacks and opponents who can anticipate his movements.

The Creative Potential of the Hobby Hobby Fruit

To further augment his speed and redefine the concept of speedblitzing, I propose the ideal Devil Fruit for Sanji: the Hobby Hobby Fruit. The Hobby Hobby Fruit grants its user the ability to transform any inanimate object into a toy, imbuing it with the properties of playthings.

Sanji’s Redefinition of Speedblitzing

Imagine Sanji transforming the surrounding environment into an arsenal of improvised weapons – a toy car morphing into a high-speed projectile, a discarded piece of cutlery becoming a razor-sharp projectile, or even the very floor beneath his feet turning into a trampoline, boosting his evasive maneuvers to unprecedented heights.

Frankie: The Cyborg’s Arsenal Enhanced with the Arms Arms Fruit

Frankie’s Combat Potential and Limitations

Frankie, the Straw Hats’ cyborg shipwright, is a formidable powerhouse, combining his enhanced robotic body with an array of powerful gadgets and inventions. However, his combat potential is often limited by the inherent restrictions of his cybernetic limbs.

The Versatility Offered by the Arms Arms Fruit

To further augment his physical strength and expand his creative arsenal, I propose the ideal Devil Fruit for Frankie: the Arms Arms Fruit. The Arms Arms Fruit grants its user the ability to create multiple extra arms from any part of their body.

Frankie’s Transformation into a Multi-Armed Powerhouse

Imagine Frankie’s cyborg body sprouting additional arms, each wielding a different armament – a bazooka, a flamethrower, a chainsaw, or even a medical device, allowing him to seamlessly transition between offense, defense, and support roles.

Chopper: The Doctor’s Versatility Elevated with the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Sphinx

Chopper’s Medical Expertise and Transformations

Chopper, the Straw Hats’ compassionate reindeer doctor, is a master of transforming into various human-animal hybrid forms, each granting him unique abilities. However, his transformations often come with physical limitations and restrictions in terms of medical expertise.

The Sphinx’s Wisdom and Knowledge

To further enhance his healing capabilities and expand his medical potential, I propose the ideal Devil Fruit for Chopper: the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Sphinx. The Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Sphinx, grants its user the ability to transform into a mythical Sphinx, renowned for their wisdom and knowledge.

Chopper’s Unprecedented Medical Prowess

Imagine Chopper transforming into a Sphinx, gaining heightened senses, enhanced intelligence, and a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology. With this newfound wisdom, he could diagnose ailments with unparalleled precision, formulate groundbreaking medical treatments, and become the most sought-after doctor in the entire One Piece world.


The world of One Piece is filled with endless possibilities, and the vast spectrum of Devil Fruits offers a tantalizing glimpse into what could have been. By pairing Usopp with the Mark Mark Fruit, Sanji with the Hobby Hobby Fruit, Frankie with the Arms Arms Fruit, and Chopper with the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Sphinx, we’ve unveiled the true potential of these beloved Straw Hats.

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  • 4 December 2023

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