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Bakugo Just Lost Everything to Shigaraki | Is End of Bakugo Hero!

Horikoshi just continues to drop absolute heat this week’s chapter of My Hero Academia titled even after all that see the continuation of Shigaraki vs Bakugou.

As well as the synergy between the big three plus we, see exactly how determined Bakugou is seeing the big three altogether has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now they’ve been heroes for Deku and his class to look up to but we haven’t really seen them in action as a unit at least until now we start off where we left off Shigaraki is absolutely owning the battlefield featuring his own Todoroki style burn, he stands atop Bakugo with his foot on the young hero’s head this scene reminds me of Shigaraki mocking all might’s pose while standing on Endeavor during the last war in both situations he is gloating over a hero quite literally as he stands over him Shigaraki asked if Deku was supposed to be there last.

Shigaraki All for One

MHA has really been pushing Katsuki Bakugo more so than ever before, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series is setting the stage for his new Quirk awakening as he pushes him even further! The final war between the heroes and villains has only gotten more intense ever since the fight against Tomura Shigaraki in the latest string of chapters, but the heroes have heroes from stopping him Shigaraki then answers his own question by saying he is sure Deku will arrive it’s probably all for one speaking here due to his utterly obnoxious fascination with one for all or perhaps Shigaraki just wants a rematch perhaps. The villain’s modified body and power make him tougher than he ever was before. So the heroes are needing to pile up. 

Bakugo Explosion

It’s been quite tough for Bakugo as he has not only seen how much further he has to grow in order to stack up to the proper pro heroes, but he’s also basically running into a brick wall against Shigaraki. it seems like the cliffhanger might be unlocking a new power within his quirk as his sweat is seeming to be setting off in tiny explosions all on its own. 

Explosion Bakugo

Chapter 360 of MHA decides after Bakugo was sidelined after a major hit from Shigaraki’s decay power, and Best Jeanist runs to his side in order to rescue him. Shigaraki’s hands remind me of Bakugo and the sludge villain once again Bakugo is literally helpless, sees some tears falling on his glove, and assumes Bakugo had lost hope. But while he tries to motivate him further, he realizes that he misapprehended the scene. Bakugo in fact was still in the fight with Shigaraki and is already getting ready for his next action

The final moments from the chapter also see some of his sweat beads turning into small explosions, and as far as we have seen from Bakugo’s quirk so far, his sweat isn’t torched until he does so himself. If it’s now igniting on its own, it could mean that his explosion quirk is about to become more powerful than before. 

Bakugo Power Awakening

Currently, it’s just a matter of figuring out how it will evolve, and whether or not it will be enough to close the gap against Shigaraki, Is Bakugo perhaps unlocking more of his quirk? What do you think his awakening can do?

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  • 26 July 2022

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