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Black Clover Confirmed New Time Skip | Asta & Yuno Wizard King or Captain Candidates

It looks like my prediction about the new Black Clover  time skip has been confirmed with a preview of the new black robot chapter 332 it was said that Asta was suddenly summoned with a story picking up a little over a year after the battle in this paid kingdom we explain who the current wizard king is what happened to Julius and Lucius.

Asta and Liebe

How Lucius could possibly still be in the Clover Kingdom without his true identity being revealed despite what happened with Damnatio and how Julius’s identity might be exposed in the next chapter if of course Julius has someone managed to keep his identity a secret furthermore we even show you why Asta and Yuno could probably be the captains of the Black Bulls and the Golden Dawn or maybe even have become captains of their own squads and of course why both of them could be candidates for the next wizard king there’s a lot to talk about.

Asta and Yuno

Today we are going to focus entirely on the information we already have from the new preview for the next black global chapter so the preview says that us and others were summoned there was no mention of who summoned them where they were summoned or exactly when it happened or who the others are however from the league translation it appears that this already happens after the time skip which indicates that the new chapter takes place directly more than one year after the last chapter so who could have summoned Asta there are a few possibilities. 


So this possibility is only likely if the reason why Asta and the others were summoned in the next chapter is suspicion against Julius and might have something to do with what happened to Damnatio maybe someone knew that about  Julius and then disappeared or died that way we would start the time skip with the revelation to ask that Julius might be evil and then they could kind of confront him directly and unfold the plot that way we talk about the possibility in another way in a moment because there are many different ways that such a scenario could be explained that’s actually a very nice idea so keep watching the other  possibility is the safest or loses if he wants to stay undercover in the Clover Kingdom whether it’s wizard king or just  i’m a citizen he made sure that Damnatio he lost his memories of this incident as well as all the information he has researched about the underworld.

Damnatio and Asta

Astaroth time magic devil and so on basically he has taken away any reason for him to suspect Julius in any way or even to look deeper into the history of the Clover Kingdom as the nation did before confronting Julius with his suspicions with the brain and soul magic of course this shouldn’t be a problem because Lucius could have easily manipulated the nation’s memories just as he could have created Julius Nova Chrono  for example if he himself is Julius with altered memories and if Lucius does not have such an ability then the reason why Julius Nova Chrono did not know of Lucius existence can only be that Marx is somewhat involved and Lucius conspiracy and helping create Julius, Marx is the only one with a magic ability capable of doing such a thing if not Lucius, Of course Marx doesn’t seem to be evil but neither does Julius and yet we know that Julius didn’t know about Lucius and turned out to be a traitor just as Julius.

Julius and Lucius

Said, long suspect that he believed that there was an unaware trait among the magic knights the result was that he himself was the traitor but who says that there’s only one creator who’s unaware of their true identity so maybe the same thing is happening to Marx and there is someone else in his body who has also been manipulated maybe even more people close to Julius, people like Cob who is another advisor to the Wizard King, Julius  just like Marx and maybe Owen who serves directly on the Julius  all three of them have a lot in common they are very close to Julius all three are often shown together with Julius and they were all even possessed by Elves, Two of them used to be in the same squad as Julius and the Grey Deer ,it would be even wiser if he would keep it low-key and just announce the next Wizard King instead but who could that be honestly there’s no point in talking about who’s the best at the moment because we already know that Tabata once said that it will most likely be either Nozel, Fuegoleon or Yami although. 

Fugoleon, Nozel, Yami

He threw in the name Yami with a love i don’t know how to interpret that and yes i know Asta and Yuno i will explain why Asta and Yuno might actually be candidates for the next wizard king if certain requirements have been met in the new time skip and this possibility should not be underestimated they actually have a chance to become Wizard King so be sure to keep watching so if Lucius and Julius would no longer be Wizard King regardless.

Black Asta and Spirit Dive Yuno

The next Wizard King has already been determined or is currently being determined what is he doing at the moment if we assume that he has managed to maintain a secret identity without arousing suspicion in that case he could either do nothing and watch the development in Clover Kingdom to know what is going on or he could still be involved and become for example an advisor to the next or new Wizard King.

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  • 22 July 2022

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