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Asta & Liebe Are One Person?

In Black Clover is one of the most important hidden subplots that could reveal Asta’s true magic or help us to unlock the true potential of Anti-magic so that Asta will definitely become the strongest Wizard King.

Asta and Liebe Union mode

The Final Story Arc or Saga, We know so far because of this theory is true it might even be revealed in the next chapter there’s no time left to drag this plot out any further it’s about Sally and her inventions based on Asta’s DNA that allows her to create magic items whose effects completely contradict the statement that Asta has no magic the fascinating thing about this theory is that in Tabata  earlier work hungry joker which was cancelled after only a few chapters there’s a female character who is very similar to Sally except for her personality she is like Sally’s scientist who takes DNA sample from the main character who by the way looks like Asta just like Sally did with Asta and then uses that sample to discover a method of increasing people’s powers just like sally had already done or planned to do when she was escorted by Makusa and Marx to the Black Bull base so that she could experiment on Asta’s genetics to develop a tool to increase people’s magic for the fight against the Spade Kingdom this is a clear reference to Tabata’s earlier work the point is that in hungry joker in addition to the new magic tools the scientists also discovered a secret about the main character’s genetics that explain certain things about him this is the last thing that is missing to fully reflect the storylines of both theories in hungry joke it has turned out that the main character is a hybrid between a human and what we would probably call a devil in the world of Black Clover if we follow this concept then the same revelation is possible for Asta especially considering the whole Astaroth father theory the fact that Asta looks like Liebe’s twin and that Astaroth was chosen by a five-leaf clover grimoire.

Asta and Liebe

 A grimoire that is believed to be used only by devils i mean it’s actually so extremely obvious i would be surprised if it turned out that Asta is not a devil hybrid but if it’s true that would mean that Asta could have a hybrid transformation just like Charmy and Yuno and thus have the chance to have a magic ability this is because hybrids have the possibility of having two magic abilities so if his human side is defective maybe at least this devil’s side will work if he actually has the magic ability as well as the corresponding mana then that mana can’t be sensed or accessed as long as Asta himself doesn’t release that hybrid mana it is like a closed door as long as the door is closed neither he nor anyone else can perceive his hidden magic charm is a perfect example of this as is you know who why not literally a hybrid nevertheless also had a hidden mana source within him namely his human soul which he can use star magic with both Yuno and Charmy were given access to this mana only after their awakening.

Yuno and Charmy

The way Yuno’s elven soul is itself a human Elf hybrid which theoretically gives him the ability to use a third magic even if many would not like this to be true it is 100 percent possible the outsole could have two magics in the form of dual magic just like Charmy and together with Yuno’s star magic he will then have three magic abilities we have already made a video about it you can find the link in the comments anyway so if asst is indeed a hybrid and he’s just in his human form all the time then it is no surprise why no one could notice his devil magic then there’s also the possibility that Liebe is basically Asta’s devil side that is Asta and Liebe could actually be one person a human devil hybrid but for some reason the soul split into that of a devil and that of a human in that case the situation would be completely different if we assume that Astaroth is really the father but it could really be any other devil and this devil then impregnated Licita however they did it then she was pregnant with their child but due to the fact that devils are not born in the living world like normal humans but are created in these strange cocoons in the underworld it could explain why their soul might have been split with the devil part manifesting in the devil world while the human body developed in Licita’s uterus this would explain.

Baby Asta and Liebe

Why Asta and Liebe look like twins why Nacht said that it seems like the two are connected while Licita, Liebe’s like her own child from day one and why Asta can use a five-leaf clover grimoire and if you’re wondering why Licita didn’t tell Liebe well maybe the reason is just not meant for a child’s mind maybe it has something to do with why she gave Asta  away and maybe this could also reveal that she actually always knew that one day Lucifero would come to them and then Licita who was willing to die as long as she could protect Asta  Liebe  this will also explain why she always had the five-leaf global grimoire with her to see Liebe in case Lucifero showed up so that Liebe would one day be reunited with Asta his human sight or brother but all these things remain an unclear and weak idea because there’s simply no further clues to help us understand what is really going on between Asta and Liebe how exactly they are connected to each other.

Nacht saying Asta connected with Liebe

So let’s leave it aside for now and focus instead on Asta’s and Sally’s research there are some very interesting clues because the invented magic tools are all based on data collected from Asta’s genetics who apparently has no magic, we know that one of the magic tools increases magic and the other allows the user to hide their mana presence as mentioned before both inventions are based on the research sally has done on Asta’s body so whatever the secret of Asta’s body is it has allowed Sally to increase and hide magic hiding magic would make sense because after does not have any magic which in turn could mean that he could be unintentionally hiding his true magic in a way where he himself can’t access it and no one else can sense it or even absorb it this would then fit into the whole hybrid idea and the secret minor source the magic increasing tool however has not been shown yet which is strange since such a two would have been a very big hell for the war in the spade kingdom so there are two possibilities here either sally just didn’t manage to invent a magic increasing tool as she originally intended and instead was only able to invent this magic hiding robe or she managed to invent this tool but it is not meant for ordinary people only for Asta so instead of calling it a two we could perhaps call it a kind of medicine or medical procedure that sally invented to fix Asta’s mana defect.

Sally Experimented on Asta

The intent Asta and Liebe have in using anti-magic rather than it being an uncontrollable effect this idea is further confirmed by Asta’s new technique Asta is able to cut only what he wants friends and comrades are not affected by his slash so this underlines the possibility that he can control the effect of anti-magic lastly the reflection between Asta and Yuno is a clear indication that our star might actually get a second magic ability both can fuse with their partners Liebe and self both have a transformation with wings both have a special grimoire both have the same stages of transformation both have a total of four weapons with Yuno’’s final weapon yet to be revealed all power-ups are identical the only way both differ is that Yuno has received a second magic however this suggests that Asta  might also get a similar power up soon what do you guys think of this theory.

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  • 25 July 2022

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