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How Yami Recruited Every Black Bull Member – Black Clover

Welcome back everyone and it’s time to go see today. I’m going to discuss “How Yami Sukehiro recruited every member of the Black Bulls”. I’m so excited to be part of this alright guys so we’re going to talk about the whole thing in several parts.

How Yami Sukehiro recruited every member of the Black Bulls

The Black Bulls, We all know they are the strongest and most powerful out of everyone due to their unique powers and backgrounds but the plot comes along and says no no no no it doesn’t make the other characters believe that is unacceptable. All the Black Bull members is their situational disadvantage pertaining to the fact that humans aren’t born equal they go through their own tests trials and tribulations Black Clover as a whole does a fine job in representing emotional complexity which we the audience also face in our day-to-day for example after being looked down upon for being a peasant i mean let’s be honest Black Clover like most series goes to a certain extreme to make these complexities we all have easily understandable the clearest way in doing so is showing us characters from different backgrounds growing up accordingly like you must have noticed most of the Golden Dawn members excluding Yuno are from a noble background and they all have similar traits they tend to be quite civil conservative and very talented now the other squads also have specific attributes where their members usually share them when it comes to the Black Bulls however unlike the Golden Dawn they tend to be very outspoken wild and out of place they are all a different shade of color as Yami puts, it  would seem that the Black Bulls is a home for lost souls with a broken past their.

after Asta joining the Black Bull somehow reached second place this was in the amount of stars that they have with a total of 101

Whole reputation is known within the Clover Kingdom as being losers and not that great in manga chapter 105 it was announced that after a year of after Asta joining the Black Bull somehow reached second place this was in the amount of stars that they have with a total of 101, Not only were the members of the Black Bull themselves shocked like oh my god what did we achieve but even the public people are thinking how is it possible describing the Black Bulls as that wild rowdy gang of hooligans stating that it must be some type of mistake that these losers can be second out of the best magic knight groups it was only after Asta  joining and him affecting everyone that changed the Black Bulls to being one of the best because last year results stated that they have negative 50 stars this is why Asta is the goal for  everyone and it’s another reason for why he deserves to be wizard king in the future that’s why he’s motivated the entire squad and emulates Yami captain.

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  • 28 July 2022

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