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Why people think Black Clover like Naruto?

Black Clover anime so basically it revolves around Asta and Yuno which are basically the main characters or we could argue that Asta is the main character here and Yuno it’s a secondary protagonist of sorts but most of the show is definitely focusing on Asta more and they were basically abandoned at a church on the same day raised together as children and they kind of wanted to have this dream to become the Wizard king and now this is where a lot of the plagiarism or accusations revolve around Black Clover because a lot of people are accusing that the Wizard king dream and the characters are basically Similar like Naruto the wizard king kind of being the equivalent of Hokage and obviously it is true the creator of Naruto actually helped to create the premise for Black Clover so it’s very normal that there’s a lot of similarities between the premise story around Black Clover and some of the like the base desires of the characters especially the main character here Asta.

Naruto and Asta

However if you would compare like Yuno to Sasuke i would say these are kind of different types of characters because Yuno is also a good guy and he doesn’t really like fall into the dark side or anything and also they get like very equally amount of screen time where Sasuke gets significantly less screen time compared to Naruto especially on Shippuden so there are some fundamental differences between these two shows which get to compared a lot also i would say Naruto as a story is a story about acceptance while a lot of this story revolving around Black Clover funny enough when you go into a lot of the rude decisions of some certain characters actually rolls around revenge a lot of people may not agree with that.

Sasuke and Yuno

Both Naruto and Black Clover are basically similar anime, also made by the same studio. Both are about a young boy that is an Orphan that starts off weak but gets stronger over time, both main characters have the same loud personality and same dream to become the Wizard King(Asta) and (Naruto)Hokage.

Asta and Yuno

 Black Clover focuses on magic nights and these squads are basically Yuno squads where there’s magic knights who do different types of quests around the kingdom like save people save peasants and Yuno deal with foreign forces and basically they have like their rankings there and they compete against each other in the kingdom for points and then there’s this sort of like a class discrepancy like the nobles versus the peasants which is something that you see quite a lot measured in the actual anime and this is something that doesn’t actually exist at all in Naruto for instance so and this comes into also the fact that because it rolls around squads all these magic nights have actually quite a lot of different characters and in Naruto for example in Shippuden.

Black Bulls Member

All the character development was focusing on pretty much 90 percent on Naruto and 10 percent on Sasuke and all the other characters got really shafted and they didn’t receive any power ups or significant progression during the second half of that anime while in Black Clover magic nights together and their team members are getting stronger together side characters have a lot more limelight during this series which is nice because when side characters are fighting on a tournament arc or another against another side character you don’t really know the outcome of those battles usually because  when you watch the main character fight you have a usually a pretty good idea are they going to lose or are they going to be winning so what i’ll always like about character series that have a lot of side characters which get a lot of limelight you’re basically going into that uncharted territory where you don’t necessarily know the outcome of what’s going to be happening and who’s going to be dying and what type of power up this person’s going to be getting so there’s a lot of good character development even though it might be a bit shallow for certain side characters in this anime and i think it’s a lot more Yuno focusing on wide variety of characters than the main character alone and i think that’s a great balance what Black Clover brings versus a lot of other  types of Shonen anime and yes it’s kind of akin to a fairy tale in that sense but i think people actually trained on this series instead of like getting random power-ups but i mean so Black Clover.

Asta and Naruto

But, lot things different in Black Clover from Naruto in power like Black Clover hold a magic world and devil world with magic and anti-magic powers or more items Or Naruto is ninjutsu and whole awesome powerful jutsu in whole other level or Ninja World, at the both anime are totally good and awesome mine are both fav….. what’s your favorite If anything left please let me know in comment.

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  • 22 July 2022

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