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How Strong Is Gear 5 Luffy?

After Wano it’s safe to say Monkey D Luffy is now one of the most powerful characters in all of One Piece but a lot of people really don’t know where to pinpoint his strength exactly either he’s the strongest dude in the One piece verse or exceptionally strong due to his victory against Kaido.

Luffy’s strength and pre-time Skip and even discuss how strong he was pre-Wano however since, I said you could argue that Luffy is lightspeed but it’s not really consistent but now I do believe that there is actual consistency to say that pre-time skip Luffy is well into light speed but before getting into how powerful Luffy and Wano is I want to refresh you guys on what I originally had Luffy at so after the fight between him and Katakuri going from losing to him in gear 4 to beating him up in base the same gear 4 who nearly took down all of Dressrosa which was calculus related to be at Country level now what’s interesting.

The next Arc the power cliffing gets even worse than what it did in whole cake as you see post category Luffy trying to take on Kaido and we see what happens oh my God after getting absolutely one-shotted by him he goes on a whole training Arc discovering Rio while being suppressed and technically weakened but despite this Luffy still is getting stronger every day through learning about Rio and rushing through all of his prison activities which require immense physical strength and Luffy even says himself despite being nerfed by the Cuffs once he is released we’ll just see how much powerful he’s gotten it sounds silly to say but Luffy gets stronger from this and it’s stated multiple times by Luffy that he must get stronger in order to face Kaido meaning that he has the intention to plus when Luffy has the intention to surpass someone we actually do see him get stronger this is shown in the fight with Crocodile and Katakuri and if you want to get technical the first two fights with Lucci and Blueno.

 Luffy eventually would go on to escape the prison and face Kaido again now I want you guys to compare his performance from his first fight to the rooftop one yeah it’s a legit night and day comparison Luffy didn’t even stand a chance while fighting Kaido at first not even damaging him in his weakest State meanwhile Luffy at rooftop would go on to fight alongside Law kid Zoro and Killer and gear 4 initially showing that he’s at least now able to annoy Kaido but Luffy doesn’t stop there as he would go on to use his Advance Armament hockey in base to clash with hybrid Kaido splitting the sky this feat is only something that Whitebeard, Shanks, Kaido and Big Mom are capable of showing that Luffy is at the very least in that realm of strength Kaido also makes this implication as well though this is just in reference to people who damaged him and there is a clear gap between Whitebeard and Odin.

All the Yonko’s should definitely be in the same tier as one another even if there is a power hierarchy meaning the Yonko’s should at least be able to take a casual attack from Kizaru and this may makes sense since Kaido doesn’t even consider really a threat to him and Rayleigh is able to kind of clash with Kizaru now I do think Hisar is holding back against Rayleigh though this doesn’t really matter because this same holding back. Kizaru is the same dude whose energy is able to put a dent in the tree from Sabaody this is calculated to be at 10.44 Exit tons of TNT or enough energy to destroy multiple continents meaning Kizaru from a casual kick had enough energy to nearly surface wipe the planet well why didn’t he do it then because the One piece planet is as big as your mother but anyways Luffy at the very least should scale to a super casual kick from Kizaru who did the top tiers in one piece not being really far behind each other at all this is also taking into account base Luffy mind you the same dude who can multiply his power by 10 times with Gear 2 and 3 times on top of this with gear 4. meaning Luffy pre-gear 5 in bounce man should be capable of dishing out 312 extra tons of TNT or enough energy to take out the goddamn Moon and Luffy’s power growth strangely doesn’t even stop there he gear 5 and completely dog walks Kaido by this point people consider.

Luffy to be the strongest one piece character since he slapped kaido who apparently is the strongest or rumored to be the strongest and once again this is just rumors and the source of these statements are literally non-existent however I do think it’s at least reasonable to say Luffy should scale to the other Yonko’s through beating one himself and crippled Whitebeard is capable of destroying the one-piece Planet which was calculated to be at the size of a dwarf star however I do think it’s a little fallacious to say this because Whitebeard again is using his double fruit which is durability negation to an extent plus Whiteboard is also still the strongest pirate around but if you want to say he could technically tank it because all the Yonko’s are relative to each other though he’d probably be crippled on the ground then uh yeah I guess but if you want to say that gear 5 is basically the strongest form you seen up to this point and should have a higher multiplier than anything we’ve seen it’s reasonable to say that Luffy could probably destroy a small planet but I think confidently we should say that he he is well into Moon level as for hacks.

Luffy’s Gear 5 I think he pulled off some of the most ridiculous feats in the story such as making his grasp as big as an entire island, as is expected of a power termed to be the most ridiculous ability in One Piece.

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  • 19 July 2022

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