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In a press release by Shueisha…. One Piece

 One Piece New Update  

In a press release by Shueisha, we have learned that Oda 8 year old of One Piece the indomitable Oda is going to be taken on month-long hiatus to prepare for the final saga slash final arc of One Piece now there are a lot of people who are wondering whether this is in actuality a final arc or if this is a final saga.

I say we wait until we get more information that will clarify everything but for that matter me don’t believe that we should expect one piece to last forever like One Piece was never going to last forever and I don’t believe we should have expected it to because think about Oda for example these manga they work tirelessly for many years on end weekly all the time especially Oda, Who is a worker sometimes they have to convince this man please take a break because he just wants to work so much these guys don’t get to enjoy the goodness and the wealth of the event mass over the years until they’re done it was actually a statement by Kishimoto I’ll see if i can find it i probably won’t be able to find it but i did read it somewhere Kishimoto was because he’s friends with oda and he was speaking to oda he mentioned that after this was after naruto ended before bordeaux began and Kishimoto was a part of it he was mentioning how cool it is that now when he wants to go on a walk with his son all you have to do is just hey son you want to go for a walk and boom there they are oda can’t do that at least not the same way because he’s working so much and so for me i was never expecting one piece to last forever duh but still i don’t expect it to last forever i don’t want it to last forever because i want Oda to live a life he is one of the most successful mangaka of all time and i don’t believe he’s even scratched the surface of the amount of wealth that he’s accumulated because he’s working so much and so for me i’m like Oda take as much time as you need first of all and if you want to end one piece within four years or five years or even less do it all that matters that you’re happy and you end it how you want to but for the one piece fans who might be overthinking this about oh no it’s the final saga.

What we are going to do is the fun arc. What are we going to do? I think one will last for like four years and the same different blades bleachers’ final arc lasts like four years. I believe 280 chapters is something like that so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be bad. I just think that you should prepare for the end of one of the greatest series of all time anime, One Piece.

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  • 10 June 2022

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