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Love After World Domination

What would you do if you lead a superhero team but found out your nemesis was a baddie well you could ignore it.

After all, A lot of villains are attractive because being hot is a sin or you could make the decision to date them and risk not only your morals but also your entire team’s credibility.

Love After World Domination starts us off on a pleasant date our couple are enjoying the weather with some cookies unfortunately our couple is one half power ranger and one half legion of doom below them their teams fight against each other the male power rangers using cool energy punches while the female ones have guns Fudo leads the Gelato 5 food and pop flavored superheroes flavored oh god the pickup lines on the other hand is a member of a secret society who literally dressed their goons like skeletons and bomb public areas but hey don’t think about that she’s cute so cute in fact that on his first mission to stop her Fudou falls madly in love with her his team arrives in a public place ready to transform because i guess identities aren’t a thing because i’m not allowed to write jokes at age well all five of them bust out super specific hero weapons and begin fighting the skeleton peons big red is so much better than the four losers he works with that he splits his team up one and four the other four have to fight a sub boss while he has a crisis about fighting someone.

He’s in love with when the battle is over Fudo tells his captain that he has a crush but doesn’t know if he should pursue her the captain then punches him with his right hand and tells him he’s an idiot while his left hand is in vain during this intense heart to heart we’re jamming out to a total bop but if I play it they’ll send an assassin to my house for committing the crime of free publicity and community engagement which carries a harsh sentence of starve to death with no money to convince her of his love Fudo stalked her online by finding out her secret identity and memorizing her likes and lifestyle habits what a romantic gesture unless you’re ugly that what a romantic restraining order and there starts the relationship of the century an honestly hilarious and kinda wholesome one love after world domination is probably one of the anime i’m most excited to be covering the relationship between them is really cute and the premise is interesting I bought a manga forever ago called super women in love that sounds basically the same so on some level I’ve wanted this kind of story for a while I’m expecting Ezreal and the other members of the Gelato 5 to start catching on to their relationship i want to see how hard they’ll work and try to hide it from the Gelato 5 and who is the one to eventually figure it out i also love how nervous and awkward they are there’s a scene in the beginning where Fudou asks if they can do the immoral act of holding hands Desumi is terrified of such an idea on their third date then loser flavored Fudou pulls out statistics that the average couple holds hands on their second date i want more of this i was expecting spy family to be the 50th 1am anime episode since I apparently just forgot to write this on my list but love after world domination is a pretty solid show to hold that position thank you for checking.

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  • 1 May 2022

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