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Top Anticipated Action Anime of 2022 and 2023

Comes to an end how has your spring been let me know in the comment section below normally I’d be talking about the next season in one of these videos however I feel that it would be good to go the second mile to be a little bit more forward looking most of us like action anime here so I’d like to tell you about some of the shows that i’m personally very excited for today’s list will get me through my top anticipated action anime of 2022 and 2023

Jujutsu Kaisen:- Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd season, jujutsu kaisen short made a name for itself in the past year didn’t it on one hand I’d say that it’s strongly helped by demon slayer’s success but on the other hand i think that it’s just an unfair assessment after all jujutsu kaizen is such a great Shonen a good power system immersive storylines characters that you care about astonishingly good animation for the fights these are all the ingredients of a runaway Shonen hit they’re all there and it’s a little something that i want to tell you the next main story arc is even better than anything we’ve seen so far learning about Gojo’s past is cool but Shibuya arc is where it’s at fights more intense than ever before await i’m sure that a couple of hearts are going to be broken it’s my favorite arc in the series so far and i really want to see how Mappa studio will knock you out of the park this time.

Blades of The Guardians:- Next is Blades of The Guardians what never heard of it i don’t blame you after all instead of being adapted from a japanese manga blades of the guardians is the adaptation of a chines’ comic series man wine short with one look at the poster i know you guys can guess the general gist the idea of what blades of the guardians is going to be about it’s overall an honest show in terms of what it brings to the table swords action an element of drama in addition i like how blades of the guardians incorporate some historical elements with it too it’s got a premise that’s common with that of a samurai travelling to repay his debt fighting demons along the way in his battles to protect his family and the sui dynasty he uncovers secrets that even he might not come out of unscathed the traitor also showcases the level of violence in the series so it’s a good way to gauge if the series will be to your liking if you like something like Dororo you should definitely consider this one.

Vinland Saga:-  Vinland Saga is also joining in on the fun too, I’m super excited for its much awaited sequel Vinland saga to me is one of the most complete action anime out there it has a good blend of drama character build up action and emotional pull to really get me to care however to those who want to see more action and adventure the thrills of the first season i hate to be the bearer of bad news vineland saga’s second season will feature less of those hype fights as the story shifts in tone, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing think something like other’s further emphasizes my point of view and saga being such a complete action anime i’m all in for a drama heavy season that’s full of character development and emotion if you’re up for something like this villain saga’s second season sure seems promising .

Mob Psycho 100:- We have Mob Psycho 100  season three yep you heard that right mob psycho is coming back for a third season but because it’s one of the most popular action anime out there and how a new season comes out every three years is it surprising that 2022 will see the return of mob and friends there have been rumors going around that the third season is the grand finale of the series you know that got me hyped even more bones will surely do justice this season and i just can’t help but get excited to see everything culminate in one grand climax this is an anime getting a well-deserved third season and my expectations are sky high i can’t wait to be thrilled and experience the magic of mob psycho once again it may be sad to possibly say goodbye to a show that gave me so many goosebumps and tears but i’m more than thankful that we have bones is masterful adaptation to see the series through.

Chainsaw Man:- As one masterpiece ends another looks to step up this is Chainsaw Man in death one becomes even stronger when Denji finds himself on the wrong side of the murderous yakuza he finds himself facing death however his death only opens the window to a new life being reborn as someone with the powers of the Chainsaw devil with his new power he catches the attention of the public safety bureau who offer him a new job as a devil hunter now with the promise of a life that he’d always wanted Denji has become the worst nightmare of the world’s demonic spawns, Mappa studio brings us the upcoming anime adaptation of this hit series from Shonen jump it’s dark it’s violent and it’s full of black comedy quite the glorious set of ingredients for some insane fun right the thing with Chainsaw Man is that it’s also serious with some profound characters all while thematically looking nothing like a typical Shonen jump series can you feel the hype already for this one because i sure can and this is for sure going to be the major hit of 2022.

My Hero Academia:- For the end I’m specially waiting  my hero academia’s sixth season i had to do a double take i remember when the show first hit the airwaves and just like that we’ve now got six seasons of this thing already i knew back then that my hero academia was popular but 2016 me didn’t expect the show to have this much longevity then again i should have if only i had the ability to tell the future and look at the twists and turns the stories had since then now we’re on our way to my hero academia’s own war arc with the villains having been united under Shigaraki’s banner in the last season it’s time for our heroes to put up or shut up it’s the culmination of the rise of villain saga that we’ve long been waiting for it’s one of the most hyped arcs and i can’t wait to see Endeavor and friends go all out fall 2022 is when we’ll get to see this latest instalment with that being a lot closer than it first sounds my hero academia fans rejoice.

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  • 24 April 2022

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