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Black Clover: Asta vs Devil Twin Brother’s

 All right so this chapter’s of black clover was nothing short of epic which is to be expected considering how Amazed to read again again. the previous one stood to be as Asta defended his vice captain after having severed one of the devil’s hands pretty much immediately and in seeing this not was thoroughly convinced that he was right about the kid.

Asta was far from willing to accept he’d erase all the magic afflicting

All along that he would be the decisive figure to give them the win and as such he’d urge Asta to leave him behind and go deal with the dark triad a notion Asta was far from willing to accept he’d erase all the magic afflicting not with a swift move this sword and tell him just how grateful he is to have been made stronger by his tutelage that rather than forgoing his life that not should live to witness the strength that he has made possible not would then think of his brother and although they were certainly different both he and Asta were in fact good people now at this point Asta was simply running out of time when he came to this form and so he needed to handle things as quickly as possible but boy oh boy that damage that he had dealt to these devils was enough to derive them insane with excitement i mean you have to realize that for devils the only entertainment that is to be had in the underworld is the subjugation and beating of others and so for beings of such power and regard an actual struggle is beyond a rarity it’s virtually non-existent and so they were simply elated but with this being the case i have to wonder why they were so hesitant to step on Lucifero’s toes perhaps he is the strongest devil there is but even still death doesn’t seem to be a concern there so why the hesitation but these two weren’t the only ones excited as Libe recognized them immediately Lilith and Nahamah both being names of biblical demons Lilith in particular being the more famous of the two in regards to pop culture from there the battle would commence as.

Asta had cleaved into one

 Asta would negate their many attacks despite being unable to land a blow of his own immediately that is until he drew his third sword the demon destroyer and in an instant all their surrounding magics were no more they were dumbfounded and before they knew it Asta had cleaved into one of them right down the middle now i love the designation of the swords in order all of a sudden as it kind of reminds me of luffy with the various gears which is more than enough to catch my interest but yeah Asta plays no games he did the damn thing he bodied a devil of the highest order in less than a minute without any real issue but hey at least this thing went out with a smile on its face from there liz would make her way over to the now split body of her twin there would be a pause just before the cretan would turn towards Asta with a wicked smile now saying that it was too bad the one he’d gotten was Nahamah because thanks to this they would finally be able to play together as one as Lilith would then fuse with the corpse and become something far more sinister the magical power of this being was overwhelming and at that it wasn’t as if this fusion was a matter of simple addition as it was more akin to the use of exponents.

a wicked smile now saying that

But you know what for Asta ignorance is bliss because as someone without the ability to sense magical power it really made no difference to him but boy was this thing powerful they would break through the roof and float upwards as Asta couldn’t sense how great they were they would now show him and show they did with a gargantuan ball of devilish magic one that dwarfed the entirety of the spade kingdom they then say that even if he does in fact survive all others will die in his place effectively making up for a lack of physical pain by way of the emotional sort this fear of power would continue to grow as it descended downwards but Asta already knew what needed to be done and so he’d call upon the first sword and enlarge it to colossal proportions and again i’m getting one piece vibes because of gear third but yeah Asta would straight up have his sword collide with this thing and send it right back to the fiend who at this point wasn’t smiling .

 This chapter was certainly an epic show of strength dialogue was kept to a minimum while action was cranked up to a ten and listen if it weren’t for that five minute time restraint it would be hard for me to imagine.

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  • 19 August 2021

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