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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75- Vegeta’s New Power Fail

My goodness guys. this first chapter of dragon ball super has been a very long awaited and incredibly controversial one that has a lot of people talking for a number of reasons with the previous chapter the confrontation between granola and Vegeta had only just begun and at that time.

Vegeta had only just begun

Vegeta would begin by speaking to the guy making it clear that he was no longer affiliated with Frieza and that he was just a child when the planet cereal was invaded but with granola being unfazed by these words the fight would begin as Vegeta would immediately assume his super Saiyan blue form from here using Hakai on a number of boulders surrounding granola to no avail as granola would in turn do the very same with a far larger one the fight was very clearly in granola’s favor as he effortlessly evaded many of Vegeta’s attacks and continued to pressure him and at a point Vegeta would actually admit that granola for the moment at least was stronger than he was but even still in the end was confident that victory would be his a conclusion granola himself failed to comprehend prompting him to question if Vegeta’s over-inflated ego was to blame for such a sad deviance from reality meanwhile Goku had finally woken back up from his previous fight with granola however he was still severely injured from the blow he had sustained and again.

Granola himself failed to comprehend

 Vegeta was still in the loser’s seat but was clearly becoming more and more of an annoyance to granola even managing to goad him into accidentally causing the further destruction of his former home and at that Vegeta would conclude and convey that granola is not yet used to his newfound power as he is seriously lacking in battle experience comparatively and from there granola was still in the lead but the tide was indeed shifting slowly but surely and as he fight raged on Vegeta only continued to become stronger and stronger and in recognizing this granola sought to finish him off and delivered a major blow to a vital point of Vegeta’s which was barely held back yet even still the damage was severe but strangely enough Vegeta was clearly enjoying himself here rather than having to be a hero in this fight he was simply able to be a battle craze warrior just as his genetics intended and suddenly a wellspring of unsettling godly Ki would exude from his body from which he would emerge a changed man this was a brand new transformation we had never seen before an unbounded instinctual power he had unlocked thanks to his training with the god of destruction Beerus and we would pick up right from there with this latest chapter as Vegeta would unfurl his arms and release this ominous power in the direction of a clearly disturbed granola it would take him a second but he would actually manage to disperse he power before him just as the presence of Vegeta would suddenly take its place now gripping tightly onto granola scarf and looking him right in the face Vegeta would say that granola’s gotten a bit too full of himself and fully intended to knock him down a peck or two and granola was shook as.

Now gripping tightly onto granola scarf

 Vegeta continued to taunt him just before head-butting him and then throwing him granola would skid but then attempt to catch himself just as Vegeta would emerge from behind and spike him downwards granola which is getting knocked around back and forth this point now frustrated by this dramatic shift granola would stop recoiling and attempt to get back on the offensive as he aimed downwards but his target was nowhere to be found as yet again Vegeta would get him with the very same trick from above this time kneeing him in the back and causing him to plummet down but to this granola’s anger was enough to springboard him back in a flash but interestingly enough it would seem that Vegeta fully anticipated this as he’d have a massive smile across his face and did not even move elsewhere despite this and so granola would slam right into his stomach what would have previously been a very terrible blow to suffer however Vegeta would look at granola and pretty much tell him the more thrilling the battle the more powerful he becomes and at this point Vegeta was looking downright deranged as suddenly he would just grip onto the sides of granola’s head dragging him by it as he shifted his momentum and again being the oh so disrespectful man he is saw the ruins of this man’s former home and threw him down into it it took granola a bit of time to recover from this but just as he began to get back on his feet Vegeta would rush in and kick him right in the stomach through a wall as granola would just crash through building after building Vegito was having a whole lot of fun at this point and at the same time granola was someone hiding a Mr rubble attempting to gather himself you’d speak of how Vegeta was like a totally different person suddenly the notion of becoming stronger due to damage was perplexing and additionally he had no idea what a god instruction was seemingly attempting to speak to oatmeal but he would actually end up being responded to by Vegeta who was suddenly behind him he would say that Godzilla destructions are beings and that their universe has one so not much of a telling answer there but it is something indeed he’d also say that this god of destruction was also the one to teach him about this power to this granola who had been caught off guard would immediately jump back creating a bit of distance between the two of them he would then attempt to confirm that it was this god would granted him this power pretty much attributing a similar situation to his own as to validate himself being pushed despite his own wish but Vegeta would retort that that was not what he said as it was actually quite the contrary this power was his own that their battle here had awakened it this innate power within himself which i find to be very interesting Vegeta has recently been speaking about his say in blood and such a whole lot or at least more than the norm and so it would seem that this form takes Saiyan power or zenkai and pushes it to the next level and because of this Vegeta would express his gratitude as a now angered granola would refute the possibility of Vegeta being more powerful than him as he would release a key blast at him but rather than evading vegeta would only prepare himself for the attack and remain completely still as it hit him directly as yet again he would commend granola for his efforts and man with this form Vegeta is pretty much like a masochist begging to be brutalized granola would then commence a barrage of several such blasts which were clearly hurting Vegeta but he took them all like a champ regardless and granola would not let up as he would just keep blasting and blasting as suddenly emerging from the smoke it was Vegeta as granola was for a moment there terrified of the blow he was on the verge of suffering as he would suddenly call out for a shield in panic which would protect him from the hit upsetting Vegeta granola would then question why exactly Vegeta didn’t dodge at all then confirming that this wasn’t like goku’s power up which allowed his body to avoid danger of course referring to ultra instinct unless and granola was not letting go of that shield at all he was absolutely terrified here and Vegeta would then tell him not to compare goku’s pathetic technique to his own as goku’s body may have a mind of its own but this was all him as we would finally receive a name to go with this transformation this was ultra ego i am really curious what you guys think about this name we’ve seen a bit of debate over on twitter but personally i like it a whole lot it’s very fitting for the character and it’s phonetically similar to the term alter ego.

Vegeta would assume a running stance

Which makes it flow pretty well so i am a fan if nothing else it is way better than what the leaked translations were presenting but after making this clear Vegeta would assume a running stance and soon rushed towards granola then kicking with both feet in the air as he actually managed to breach granola’s defenses and kick him right in the face with both feet firmly planted again demolishing more of these ruins but just then granola’s old friend the elderly Namekians monato would emerge and question who exactly granola might be fighting with the possibility of it being Frieza in mind now i for one am really looking forward to Goku and Vegeta possibly interacting with this guy as their knowledge of his remaining kin in universe 7 could very well prove their innocence and add to granola’s conflict that and the idea of him being reunited with his people albeit a bit estranged does sound like a pretty nice thing but getting back to the battle at this point granola was holding onto the side of his face yelling out that he refused to lose to some third race Saiyan goon as Frieza was to be his ultimate target which would cause Vegeta to speak to him once more now explaining that planet Vegeta was not taken out by a meteor but rather by Frieza himself that their tribe was yet another push to the brink of extinction by Frieza just as his had been and to this granola would request confirmation from oatmeal who would then say that this information did not line up with what he had been told but anyways as he got back on his feet he would express that it made no difference as he still intended to see his revenge against the Saiyans through to completion as he would pull back a fist and Vegeta would headbutt it blood would drip from this location as he would tell granola to believe what he will as regardless he was telling the truth but not for any sort of pity as yet again he would kick granola to infinity and beyond as granola would use his scarf to grapple onto a nearby tower and retort but now on top of it oatmeal would speak to him again now saying that these Saiyans might just be victims like him which granola would again dismiss as either way the Saiyans killed his people and to that oatmeal would say that it didn’t seem like either of the two were aware of that at all which really pissed granola off as he would remove his eye covering and discard his ever so faithful ai companion then proclaiming that now that he is the strongest he had no need for their support any longer and so very clearly granola is in denial and reasonably so with revenge having been the only thing on his mind for oh so long it must be incredibly difficult to let go of it to lose that drive and target for his aggression is to discard all that he had been doing for so long to discard the sacrifice of his lifespan in exchange for this power and so with all this a new degree of seriousness had now come over.

Vegeta now as his red eye would be noticed

He would approach Vegeta now as his red eye would be noticed he would bring up the fact that Vegeta claimed he was not yet used to his power to which Vegeta would again confirm and so granola decided that he would have to make up for that lack of experience by fighting Vegeta as to better prepare himself for taking on Frieza as he would express that Vegeta was not the only one who gets stronger the more he fights as he would telekinetically lift the entire tower he was just standing on and throw it down towards Vegeta who would catch it with one hand and completely demolish it now questioning the fact that suddenly granola had no problem destroying this ruined city and to that I’d say that granola is at the point of being so upset that he does not even really know what he is upset about as he would lift the rubble created and use destruction on each individual piece Vegeta would guard against this with his armor now broken apart and then would take it off and throw it elsewhere which is actually worth taking note of because within his armor was their very last senzu bean as one of the two had already been consumed by Goku but regardless Vegeta was ready to go all out meanwhile a discarded oatmeal would command granola ship and have it pick them up and fly elsewhere but back to the fight these two were going blow for blow back and forth and Vegeta was really hurting here but was loving every moment of it as he could very well stand to become even stronger as suddenly a key blast would be shot from below.

Goku felt like he could not afford

Which Vegeta would narrowly dodge and the sheer fact that he felt the need to dodge this was to be taken note of which made granola question if Vegito is hitting his limit here as Vegeta with a smile would say that it was unwise to doubt a Saiyan’s combative capabilities as they live for battle as elsewhere we would again have Goku who was splashing some water on his face as the two fought and from what he could tell the quote-unquote Vegeta had a bit of go was waning he could tell that granola’s moves were getting sharper and sharper which is to say that he was likely getting the hang of fighting and with this in mind Goku felt like he could not afford to be taking it easy on the sidelines for much longer as he would begin to channel a bit of energy in his hand speaking of his body healing up now this is very interesting we know that Goku is a genius when it comes to emulating techniques for the most part and so perhaps he is mimicking the healing capabilities of Dende who had managed to heal the impalement move he’d suffered at the hands of Moro in the moral arc this could also be an aspect of ultra instinct we have it observed as defensively it has been able to concentrate itself for protection either way i’m just very curious what he’s got going on here past this however Vegeta was taking on blast after blast directly as he would then respond with a blast of his own on granola and now clearly exhausted for a moment there Vegeta began to border unconsciousness but would then shake himself awake his vision was blurring and he’d lost a lot of blood he’d also taken far too much damage meanwhile granola was standing there with his shot aimed things were looking pretty desperate now as Vegeta would then go to end things as he would charge up a massive ball of energy overhead he proclaimed that this would destroy anything it comes in contact with then saying that if granola wants to protect his planet then he’d better stop it and oh my lord was this downright crazy i mean Vegeta knows there to be inhabitants of this world and it’s not like he is a villain anymore so this move is very interesting.

Granola was standing there with his shot aimed

 I’d even go as far as to say that he wanted granola to stop him here again the whole theme behind the transformation is that of being pushed to the brink so in theory be more desperate the situation the better and beyond that is this not the most god of destruction statement you have ever heard of like seriously this attack and sentiment are damn near identical to the ultimatum Beerus gave to Goku at the end of battle of gods granola would not flinch however as Vegeta would commend his bravery and let loose the ball of destruction and as it approached a change would occur in granola as well as his left eye too would suddenly go red like the other much to Vegeta’s shock as he would then lift up both hands and fire twin shots in the center of the orb from here the blast would implode and condense before erupting into a size clearly observable off-world guys the power being used here was just insane and enough to shake everyone and everything on the planet now as the dust cleared Vegeta was grounded and as he got back up granola would approach now doing the same as Vegeta had previously thanking him for awakening. 

Power from within him 

 This power from within him from there we would have the heaters maki would question oil in regards to what had just happened as elect would now emerge having made it to the planet at last he would express his surprise since he expected granola to lose a fight far sooner but even still the battle was still undecided but either way they were wearing one another down just as planned and while this was going on the heaters were using the dragon radar and approaching the first of the two dragon balls on the planet and that was the chapter and so with that please allow me to talk crazy for a bit because a lot of people seem to lose all sense once the leaks of this chapter dropped like with the latest chapter discussion i acknowledge that Vegeta had a trend of being disrespected in dragon ball z and to a certain extent i suppose you could say this about the dragon ball super anime but specifically in the case of the dragon ball super manga which is the content currently being consumed Vegeta hasn’t nearly been disrespected on the same level at all in fact he has been continuously progressing in meaningful and even commendable ways and i understand he has a new transformation so we want to see him wipe the floor with his opponent and fair enough he did and for a good while there and in doing this in beating granola down for that long we can definitively say that for that time Vegeta was in fact the strongest mortal in universe 7. but if you are expecting him to just wrap up the ark here in a single chapter you’re not being very realistic or even reasonable Goku has been our main character forever and not even he has ever done that a new transformation or not Goku has gotten bodied twice in this granola conflict and both times had to be bailed out by Vegeta when he first won ultra instinct in a case of both the sign and perfected forms in the manga Jiren beat him both times in fact all the way back during his initial super Saiyan transformation against Frieza on Namek there was a point in which Frieza powered up enough to give him that work and if you feel like Vegeta talks.

 crazy for a man that tends

A bit too crazy for a man that tends to get bodied in the end then fair enough although again that point about z compared to super still stands but even then ego is literally part of the name this is Vegeta this is something many of us like about the character but canonically as expressed by Whis Goku is the one with the overconfidence issue as it tends to end up being his downfall as seen with the moral arc which despite his ultra instinct form he gave Moro the chance to power up and get the better of him defeating him before he got help from everyone else and at that if we compare the two instances the most notable difference would have to be the fact that Vegeta despite currently being on the ground has not been taken out of his ultra-ego transformation i mean come on out of the 45 pages that comprise this chapter he has been down not incapacitated mind you but on the ground for one single page and so for as much as fans may want to see Vegeta pull up with a new form and just end every threat before him although that would be satisfying for long time fans who have seen the man struggle like no other in a self-contained sense this would be thematically pretty weak and serve to do away with all other plot points yet to be explored with this arc but regardless if nothing else the takeaway to be had here is not to give in to leak so heavily any story without context is pretty much bound to be trash but objectively speaking this chapter was pretty epic.

I enjoyed it a whole lot this fight

I enjoyed it a whole lot this fight against granola is not over yet and with the heaters only just approaching the first dragon ball they are unlikely to intervene for a good while so i am very excited and i hope you are too if you’re coming straight from the dragon ball super anime.

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