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Record of Ragnarök s2 is 2022 in Winter

 All right guys so some been officially confirmed we are getting a season two of Record of Ragnarök and at the moment there really is no other information besides this as in you know no date of release or change of staff but apparently it is being handled by the same studio and also a bit more information that i think we could speculate on so yeah let’s talk about it so coming from the official twitter account it’s been confirmed that season 2 is currently under production but we’ve also been told that season one is re-running sometime in October so if i had to guess when season two were there i think it’s probably set for January winter 2022 maybe you know because then it would be coming right when season one would finish its weekly rerun meaning weekly episodes for season two.

Record of Ragnarök Season 2

You know unlike the way we got season one dropped all at once which honestly i really really hope this is the case because it just feels way too soon for a season two and by too soon i mean i think just getting a whole new season dropped on us would probably not be what the fans are hoping for since it means getting the same kind of animation quality we got in season one you guys see what i mean because i wouldn’t even be saying this if season one actually lived up to the hype and it isn’t that season one is just entirely garbage it’s just that it ended up being so disappointing especially since i think a majority of people who watch season one will pretty much agree that season one is just average nothing to really immediately watch since the manga just you know does it so much better and i only mentioned this because if season 1 had done the manga its justice then by all means i would be sitting here hoping that season 2 drops all of its episodes in full like the way we got it for season one but no if the studio is actually committing to pushing out weekly episodes this time instead then i think that’s a lot better especially since by the time January comes you know it’ll only be six months since season one aired and i honestly doubt that six months is enough time to prepare a full season drop unless it looks like what season one had to give but it’s also been confirmed that studio graphitic is coming back to handle the production so overall uh you know i don’t want to be too pessimistic right but i really hope we don’t get it in winter 22 at least spring or even late 2022 and it would just be even better if it does a weekly episode drop like every other anime you know and i don’t mean that in a bad way it’s just considering the final product of season one i just imagined that they would want to commit more time than they originally did for season one for their next season now unless the production behind this you know wants to you know treat the anime like a cash cow then of course they don’t mind another slideshow season but yeah this is also really interesting because to avoid talking about spoilers here you know I’d say the next two fights in the tournament can maybe cover enough material for a season two i mean season two wouldn’t even need to touch round six given how long rounds four and five are so i think it’s reasonable that a season two could come out as soon as this year even if you know given the right attention of course but again season one was just so rough right like i can’t even imagine why Netflix would want a repeat of that because if i’m correct i think even the japanese fan base wasn’t so happy about it either and also i think Netflix just announced part 6 of JoJo’s for a full release this December so i really wonder what the production behind Ragnarök is like with Netflix juggling you know so many titles and i know the criticism for season one was generally mixed because it looks like it was actually doing really well on Netflix in its first couple weeks on release so i’m curious how they’d want to respond to that in a season two especially with the same studio because season two is only going to show a lot more shiva and for those who don’t know the whole shiva controversy in India was just extremely messy even for Netflix so again it’s really strange that they’re confirming this so quick but hopefully it’s because they found a better work schedule this time maybe and it isn’t like we know season 1 had a lack of funds either so i honestly have no idea how to feel towards the season 2.

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  • 18 August 2021

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