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Black Clover Chapter 368 Spoilers: What to Expect from the Upcoming Release

Black Clover fans are eagerly anticipating the release of chapter 368, following Asta’s return to the “Ace” continent, where the Clover Kingdom is located. While reliable spoilers for the upcoming issue are scarce, there are still some predictions we can make based on the previous
chapter’s events.

Shift in Narrative Focus

One possible direction for Black Clover chapter 368 is a continuation of Asta’s storyline. The chapter may revolve around Asta teaching the Black Bulls how to effectively use Anti-Magic. This would allow the other members of the squad to explore and experiment with their newfound abilities. Readers can expect to learn more about the rules and limitations of the bestowed Anti-Magic power, including whether it can be combined with their inherent magical abilities.

In this scenario, chapter 369 could see Asta introducing Yami Ichika, a new character, to the rest of the Black Bulls. This interaction would likely involve some comedic moments and establish camaraderie between Yami Ichika and the other members of the squad before they join the main battle.

Another possibility for chapter 368 is a shift in focus to the Clover Kingdom battleground. This option would provide an update on the current situation and potentially offer insights from Lucius Zogratis, a character pondering the ongoing battle. The chapter may highlight the struggles of Yuno Grinberryall, who could find himself overwhelmed by the Lucius clones before Asta arrives to join the fight.

Exploring Anti-Magic

Exploring Anti-Magic

If Black Clover chapter 368 continues Asta’s storyline, readers can expect a deep exploration of Anti-Magic and its potential. Each member of the Black Bulls would have the opportunity to experiment with their newfound powers and discover the best ways to utilize them in combination with their own inherent magical abilities.

The chapter might feature exciting battles and character development as the Black Bulls learn to harness their Anti-Magic. This exploration of Anti-Magic would not only showcase the unique capabilities of each character but also provide readers with a better understanding of the mechanics behind Anti-Magic and how it interacts with different types of magic.

Revealing the Rules of Anti-Magic

Black Clover chapter 368 could also shed light on the rules and limitations of the bestowed Anti-Magic powers. Readers may finally learn whether Anti-Magic can be combined with inherent magic types, or if it has any restrictions on its usage. This information would be crucial for the Black Bulls to effectively utilize their newfound abilities and contribute to the ongoing battle.

Introducing Yami Ichika

If chapter 368 focuses on Asta and the Black Bulls, it is likely that Yami Ichika will play a significant role in the upcoming chapters. Asta’s introduction of Yami Ichika to the squad would provide an opportunity for character development and establish connections between the new character and the existing members of the Black Bulls.

Readers can expect humorous interactions and similarities drawn between Yami and Yami Ichika. This would not only create a sense of camaraderie within the squad but also set the stage for their participation in the main battle.

Departing the Witches’ Forest

black clover Witches' Forest

If Black Clover chapter 368 follows the route of focusing on Asta and the Black Bulls, it is possible that the chapter will conclude with the Black Bulls leaving the Witches Forest. The departure could be accompanied by parting words from the Witch Queen, setting the stage for their involvement in the larger conflict.

Clover Kingdom Battleground Update

Should the narrative shift to the Clover Kingdom battleground, Black Clover chapter 368 may provide readers with an overview of the current situation. Lucius Zogratis, a character known for his pondering nature, could offer insights into the ongoing battle and comment on the state of affairs.

The chapter would likely provide updates on the various fights taking place, with special attention given to Yuno Grinberryall. Readers may witness Yuno’s struggles against the overwhelming Lucius clones, leading to a cliffhanger moment before Asta’s anticipated arrival to join the fight.


While reliable spoilers for Black Clover chapter 368 are currently unavailable, fans can make predictions based on the previous chapter’s events. The upcoming chapter may either continue Asta’s storyline, focusing on his teaching of the Black Bulls and their exploration of Anti-Magic or shift the narrative to the Clover Kingdom battleground for an update on the ongoing conflict.

Regardless of the direction the chapter takes, readers can look forward to exciting battles, character development, and the potential revelation of the rules and limitations of Anti-Magic. Furthermore, the introduction of Yami Ichika to the Black Bulls promises to bring new dynamics and camaraderie to the squad. Stay tuned for the release of Black Clover chapter 368 to see how the story unfolds.

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