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Asta Breaks The First Rule of Anti-Magic! – Black Clover Chapter 367

Black Clover chapter 367 opens with the aftermath of Asta’s astonishing victory over Damnatio Kira in the previous chapter. Asta, wielding his Anti-Magic abilities, delivers a powerful blow to Damnatio, knocking him out of the possession of Lucius Zogratis. Although Asta’s attack doesn’t result in Damnatio’s death, it serves as a wake-up call for the possessed individual. Asta’s unwavering determination to save Damnatio demonstrates his unwavering belief in redemption and the power of forgiveness.

Asta Breaks The First Rule of Anti-Magic!

Throughout the chapter, we gain insights into Damnatio’s character and his warped sense of justice. He prioritizes politics over truth, even going as far as threatening children and Asta’s orphanage with arrest and death. Despite his flaws, Damnatio’s concern for the safety of the Clover Kingdom is evident, and Asta holds no ill will toward him. Instead, he offers a compassionate promise that Damnatio will be saved once their mission is complete.

The Witch Queen’s Dilemma

As the battle against Lucius Zogratis takes its toll on the Black Bulls and their allies, the current Witch Queen finds herself in a precarious situation. In Black Clover chapter 367, we witness the Queen’s struggle to keep everyone stable and alive, depleting her own powers in the process. Faced with the inevitable end of her life, she must choose a successor to carry on her legacy.

Initially, the Witch Queen names Vanessa Enoteca as her successor. However, Dorothy Unsworth intervenes and expresses her willingness to take on the mantle of the Witch Queen, claiming that Vanessa never desired it in the first place. This unexpected twist adds an intriguing dynamic to the story, as Dorothy, known for her mischievous nature, steps forward to assume a position of power. The future of the Witch Queen and the Black Bulls hangs in the balance as this decision unfolds.

Asta’s New Power: Infusing Anti-Magic

Asta's New Power: Infusing Anti-Magic

One of the most significant developments in Black Clover chapter 367 is Asta’s discovery and utilization of a new power: the ability to infuse his Anti-Magic with the Black Bulls. This revelation stems from Asta’s training and a theory presented by Ryuya Ryudo. Flashbacks to Asta’s previous encounters with Gauche and the resonance of their energies provide the groundwork for this breakthrough.

Drawing upon his training and the concept of infusing anti-magic into objects, Asta extends his own Anti-Magic to the Black Bulls, granting them newfound powers. This infusion not only alters their appearance but also imbues their abilities with anti-magic properties. The Black Bulls, now dubbing themselves “The Ultimate Black Bulls,” stand ready to face the formidable forces of Lucius and his Paladins. With this newfound strength, they embark on a mission to save the world from the impending threat.

The Implications of Asta’s Anti-Magic Infusion

The infusion of Anti-Magic within the Black Bulls marks a significant turning point in the battle against Lucius Zogratis. Black Clover chapter 367 showcases the enhanced capabilities of the Black Bulls as they prepare to confront Lucius and his army of Paladins and Guardian Angels. This power boost not only allows them to withstand more powerful magic but also grants them the ability to negate it.

The chapter hints at the impending clash between the Black Bulls and Lucius’ forces, setting the stage for an epic showdown. Asta’s newfound abilities and the collective strength of the Black Bulls offer a glimmer of hope in the face of overwhelming odds. As the story progresses, it remains to be seen how this power shift will shape the ultimate fate of the Clover Kingdom and humanity as a whole.

A Breather Chapter Before the Final Push

A Breather Chapter Before the Final Push

Black Clover chapter 367 serves as a breather chapter, providing a momentary respite before the anticipated final push against Lucius’ forces. While the chapter unveils exciting developments and sets the stage for future battles, it also allows readers to catch their breath and reflect on the journey thus far. The fact that a single Paladin, who previously defeated the Black Bulls effortlessly, is no match for Asta’s newfound abilities bodes well for the group’s chances of success.

The collective infusion of anti-magic within the Black Bulls reinforces their resilience and determination. With their enhanced powers and unwavering resolve, they are poised to take on the daunting challenge ahead. Black Clover chapter 367 leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter, brimming with anticipation for the climactic conclusion of the series.


Black Clover chapter 367 brings forth a wave of transformative events that shape the course of the story. Asta’s defeat of Damnatio Kira showcases his growth and unwavering belief in redemption. The Witch Queen’s decision to name a successor adds an intriguing twist to the narrative, while Asta’s newfound power to infuse anti-magic within the Black Bulls sets the stage for an epic battle against Lucius Zogratis.

As the series hurtles towards its finale, the stakes have never been higher. Black Clover chapter 367 not only provides readers with a breather but also ignites excitement for the impending clash between the Black Bulls and the forces of evil. With the infusion of anti-magic, the Black Bulls stand as the last line of defense, ready to save the Clover Kingdom and humanity from destruction.

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