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The Epic Battle Unfolds: All Might’s Anti-Quirk Armor – My Hero Academia Chapter 396

From the earliest stages of My Hero Academia, the fate of Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might, has been clouded by a dark prophecy. Sir Nighteye, a former ally, foretold that if All Might continued his heroics, he would meet a brutal end at the hands of a powerful villain. In Chapter 396, the truth behind this prophecy is revealed. All For One, the arch-nemesis of All Might, emerges as the villain that will bring about the hero’s demise. However, the prophecy holds a twist – All For One’s appearance has undergone a drastic transformation, concealing his true identity from All Might. This revelation sets the stage for the ultimate battle, where All Might must confront his destiny head-on.

Armored All Might – Unleashing the Power Within

Armored All Might - Unleashing the Power Within

In a stunning turn of events, All Might unveil his secret weapon – the Armored All Might suit. Crafted with the help of Dave Shield and Melissa Shield, All Might’s allies from his time in the United States, this suit showcases an array of powerful weapons and full-body armor. Armored All Might represents the culmination of years of intense training and memorization of All For One’s weaknesses. It is a testament to All Might’s unwavering spirit and determination to protect his loved ones.

The Battle Commences – A Clash of Titans

As the battle between All Might and All For One begins, the stakes have never been higher. All Might’s Quirkless state poses a significant disadvantage, yet his knowledge and resourcefulness are unmatched. All For One underestimates the power of All Might’s Anti-Quirk Armor, believing that the hero’s strength solely relied on his One For All Quirk. However, All Might’s transformation into Armored All Might surprises both friend and foe, setting the stage for an intense clash between two titanic forces. The battle unfolds with a series of ingenious tactics employed by All Might, showcasing the depth of his strategic prowess.

The Unyielding Spirit of All Might

The Unyielding Spirit of All Might

Despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him, All Might’s unwavering spirit shines through. As he faces All For One’s relentless attacks, All Might draw inspiration from his students, utilizing techniques such as Blackwhip and Chargebolt to disrupt All For One’s regeneration. He combines his newfound abilities with classic moves like Shoot Style Smash, delivering devastating blows that shake the very foundations of the battlefield. All Might’s determination and refusal to accept defeat prove to be his greatest weapons.

A Glimpse into All Might’s Past

A Glimpse into All Might's Past

As the battle rages on, glimpses into All Might’s past shed light on the origins of his Anti-Quirk Armor. During his time in the United States, All Might forge bonds with Dave Shield and Melissa Shield, leading to the development of this formidable suit. The fruits of their friendship manifest in the form of the Armored All Might suit, a testament to the lasting impact of alliances forged in the pursuit of justice. Melissa Shield, watching the battle unfold, serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the unwavering support that All Might has garnered throughout his heroic journey.

The Endgame – Win or Die

The Endgame - Win or Die MHA

With every strike and counterstrike, the battle between All Might and All For One inches closer to its inevitable conclusion. This clash represents a win-or-die situation for both combatants. All Might fight with the sole purpose of putting an end to All For One’s reign of terror and protecting Midoriya from his clutches. The absence of a Quirk poses a challenge for All Might, as he cannot sustain a high-intensity battle indefinitely. However, he remains resolute, knowing that the survival of his pupil and the fate of the world depends on his victory. The end of the war looms near, and the outcome of this battle will shape the future of the My Hero Academia universe.


Chapter 396 of My Hero Academia immerses readers in the climactic battle between All Might and All For One. The revelation of All Might’s Anti-Quirk Armor and his unwavering determination to protect his loved ones captivate our hearts. As the battle unfolds, the stage is set for an epic clash of titanic proportions. With each blow and strategic maneuver, All Might defies the odds and fights with an unbreakable spirit. The endgame approaches, and the fate of heroes and villains hangs in the balance. The world of My Hero Academia will forever be shaped by the outcome of this monumental battle. Stay tuned for the next chapter, as the fate of heroes and the epic war draw to a close.

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