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In first place we have the middle-aged Blast, He is shrouded more mystery than any other s-class hero we haven’t even seen his face let alone his fighting abilities glass is considered to be the first hero like Saitama. Blast considers being a hero to be more of a hobby he beat the dragon level elder centipede in the past and the leader of the ninja village who was regarded as the most powerful ninja to ever exist he was the reason that Tatsumaki became a hero it is explained in the manga that it is impossible for the hero association to order Blasts to do anything he only performs acts of heroism of his own free will he refuses to be bound by anyone and hates being in the limelight and yet despite of all that the hero association decided that he is worth giving special treatment stich believes that when Humanity is in peril and must be saved Blast will surely take action although everything about his powers is kept secret he believes that he is stronger than King is presented to be can shoot lasers from his eyes rules over psychic powers and has the ability to command trillions of robots she speculates that Blast could beat the rest of the s-class all at once obviously this is pure speculation and will likely be proved false but it illustrates the legend of Blast power if anyone can even hope to put up a somewhat decent fight against Saitama it’s gotta be Blast the number one hero.

The Blast Characteristic






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  • 10 October 2021

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