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One Pun Man Heroes Rank

Let’s stay with us all right now that’s out of our system we can be serious a lot of heroes in One Punch Man’s world want to move up in social status and fame and there’s no higher honor than being in s-class the heroes who make up this elite group are the best of the best if you subtract a king from the equation that is and are the ones you call when things get really bad.

One Pun Man Hero Rank

So let’s get into it right now alright let’s say you live in one punch man’s world and one day a radioactive Pig bites you granting you super sausage abilities you want to take your newfound superpowers to the streets to fight crime but not so fast there’s a whole lot of bureaucratic red tape you need to go through if you want to truly make it as a hero in this society there are four classes of Heroes that you could be placed in depending on your abilities and how you score in the hero exam.

C Class

C Class-  The lowest class is C Class which is currently the most populous class with 390 heroes but let’s be honest you’re not exactly dealing with the cream of the crop here like if you were a bank robber you would probably most want to face a C class hero it’s made up of heroes like funeral suspenders and shoulder pads so you know what level of talent you’re gonna face.

 B Class

B Class- Is next up if you make it to B Class congratulations you’re not the worst hero out there but you also probably wouldn’t be on most people’s first Call list if a giant monster was attacking you but it’s here you start getting into the politics of the whole hero Society at the top of B class you have Fubuki who uses her position to make sure no one else can move past her in the rankings pretty ruthless for an organization that should be founded on truth justice and the protection of everyday citizens. 

A Class

A Class-  If you make it here you’re pretty important this class only has 38 heroes in it and most of them can hold their own in a fight we’ve seen a few of them in action during the course of the show I may definitely live up to the hype just look at death gatling who took on Garo with a bunch of other heroes and proved himself a capable and strategic fighter that bad guys should fear.

S Class

S Class- But really if you have aspirations to be a top-level hero then the class that you really want to join is S Class the elite and super-powered all-stars of the hero society almost all of them are extremely powerful and capable in their own way and we want to break down each hero and where they rank on the charts okay he may be ranked 17 out of 17 but the bottom of S Class is still quite strong and not someone you would want to challenge in a fight.

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  • 10 October 2021

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