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Genos – One Punch Man


The nineteen-year-old Genos aka Demon Cyborg is currently ranked 14th. His family was killed by a cyborg and so he became a cyborg of Justice so he could get his revenge one day, In contrast to his say Saitama he has the cool hair and the look that you’d expect from your stereotypical superhero Genos tends to be a very serious student and greatly respects his mentor the much more carefree Saitama according to the data book he got a 9 and stamina 8 7 in intelligence a 7 in justice a 9 in endurance and 8 in power and 8 in popularity a 6 in effectiveness and a 9 for fighting ability he is a machine-type fighter Genos cyborg body is strong enough to lift a truck with one hand and fast enough to move quicker than the speed of sound as a cyborg he can also get cool grades that can help him in battle Kiva contains incinerate cannons and his palms that can shoot explosive fire attacks at his enemies and he can use boosters located in his elbows and shoulders to accelerate his movements and strengthen his attacks.

The Genos Characteristic


Demon Cyborg (Oni Saibōgu)


Human (Cyborg)


Male.png Male






178 cm (5’10”)




Z-City (Z-City Ghost Town)
Saitama’s Apartment
Kuseno’s Laboratory (Formerly)
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  • 10 October 2021

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