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One Punch Man Season 1

One Punch Man premiered away back in October of 2015 so if you have not had a chance to read the manga or watch anime why are here go watch and read One Punch Man.

Let us get you caught up on the events of One Punch Man season 1st, In this series opens on an ordinary day in a peaceful city that is immediately spoiled by the sudden arrival of a violent monster the monster wreaks havoc on the city proving to be too great a match for the heroes who have rushed over to fight it that is until the arrival of a ball the skinny disinterested man proceeds to obliterate the monster in a single punch this made an angry at his own strength the hero curses himself for being so darn powerful the hero is called Saitama.

 A self-proclaimed hero for fun who lives in a tiny apartment and yearns for a decent challenge his hero journey began defending a young boy from a ridiculous crab monster then proceeded to take down larger more dangerous foes with a single punch but Saitama is not on this adventure alone.

One dull day is Saitama faces up against a single tiny mosquito, New character Genos fights with the mosquitos mother Genos is a young cyborg who fights for justice and is hunting down a fellow cyborg that killed his family before Genos self-destructs in an attempt to wipe out the swarm he saved by you guested one punch from Saitama it was more of a SWOT though because you know she’s a mosquito grateful to our hero for saving his life Genos ask Saitama to take him under his wing as his disciple after teaming up to take down the Frankenstein ask Dr Genus and his monster. Saitama reveals the training regiment that led to his insane and unstoppable strength a hundred push-ups a hundred sit-ups a hundred squats and a ten kilometer run every single day yep that’s it none of the other characters can believe it either.

The next absurd character Speed-o’-Sound Sonic a ninja bodyguard for hire who goes up against Saitama only to be daunted by not his strength this time but his speed unable to defeat Saitama sonic vows to train hard until he can best the man whom he now calls a rival in true say Tomas style however he couldn’t care less oh he does care however about the general public mistaken him for a monster and crediting his heroic achievements to the good spirited hero Moomin writer upon realizing no one knows who he is nor does the general public know about his heroic feats Saitama falls into a little bit of a slump Genos quickly pulls him out by suggesting say Thomas signup for the hero registry Saitama then entices Genos to go through the exam with him by offering to officially accept the cyborg as his disciple Saitama expectedly and literally crushes the physical tests but through his own laziness Saitama is awarded AC ranking while Genos lands wrecked the top and s rank C ranked heroes are the bottom rung a group made up of silly but courageous go-getters while the S rank heroes are truly super-powered beings after the exam Genos asks Saitama to spar and of course his master wins reinforcing Genos has pledged to himself to learn everything he can from the super OP.

Saitama the hero association is overflowing with unique and ridiculous heroes including the C rank brothers tank top tiger and take top blackhole end of a ranked spring mustachio and golden balls all of whom begin to show their faces and take down the growing number of monsters appearing across cities A through Z but once something far greater than a monster threatens the safety of city Z the s ranked heroes all band together to attempt to take down an approaching meteor when all of their attempts fail it’s all up to Saitama to obliterate the meteor with one well you know soon after the greatest foe Saitama has yet to face the speedo clad a deep-sea King makes his way to shore taking out any heroes who get in his way wanting only to slaughter every last human he ravages City-J until a gloriously animated battle ensues between him and Genos, Genos is not quite up for the challenge so Saitama does one Saitama does best this impressive win bumps.

Saitama up to rank be in the hero association during a meeting of the s ranked heroes in Saitama a prediction from the great seer Madam Shibabawa’s prophecy is discussed a great cataclysm bigger than any other will soon threaten the world as if on cue and helium spaceship arrives after destroying city a the invasion of the alien pirates known as dark matter really gets underway all the S-rank heroes band together to halt the invasion these s rancor’s include the martial arts master Silver Fang and the psychic s / tornado both of whom will play a key role in the upcoming season two meanwhile Saitama hops onto their spaceship and confronts their leader the mighty Lord Boros monologue in a backstory that sounds oddly familiar to Saitama Boros explains that he’s been searching for the fighter who he can face as his true equal is Boros actually a threat to sadhana it seems – at first until it’s revealed that her hero has been pulling his punches this whole time after the battle is over the hero association works together to recover CDA and build a new headquarters but there are always more monsters and greater challenges to come in season two.

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  • 9 October 2021

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