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Ishiki is dead||But we lost Kurama

Today episode of Boruto 218, Is too sad ending of unthink able things are happen, I really didn’t  imagine this in this episode lots things will be gone, Good and Bad both. Ishiki dies that’s good but i didn’t expect sasuke will lost his eye’s and Borushiki trying to feed Kawaki to Ten tails and the last or the saddest thing we lost Kurama.

Episode start with Kawaki struggling with Ishiki to surrender himself, Only for save Naruto’s life Kawaki surrender himself to Ishiki, And starts to put Karma on Kawaki to make his vessel after done his work Ishiki body starting to crumbling and falls down slowly slowly. By seeing this scene i get very upset, All the effort of Naruto and Sasuke going waste, but chapter are change Karma starting to fade from Kawaki bodies, Ishiki shocked by this event how this is possible i properly put Karma on body. But this scene make’s me happy, Because this is not a Kawaki original body that’s a shadow clone.

And that’s a amazing moment for while, Kawaki comes in front to Ishiki make’s a clearance that is a shadow clone and you going to fall, after this Kawaki jump from cliff on Ishiki’s body and smashed it and finally Ishiki dead and his chapter close. Everyone trying relax after a big fight, but in a while big comes to take place and suddenly we saw Borushiki attack Sasuke eye’s and destroy the Rinnegan so no one can escape from using teleportation jutsu, And start to attack everyone to kill no one can stop him to do what he want, We know from starting Otsutsuki have only one plan destroying earth life’s or the revival of Ten Tails Divine Tree to eat that and gain enormous power and step on next planet. But how much we know revival of needs enormous power consumption to this need a Otsutsuki body scarifies, But Borushiki reveals a truth Kawaki body also Otsutsuki body around 80% , That’s why Borushiki wants take down everybody and take him Kawaki to Ten Tails to feed and revive the Ten Tails Divine Tree.

After knowing this Sasuke and Kawaki trying take down Borushiki and trying to wake up Boruto who is unconscious because he didn’t left chakra that’s why he is under control of Momoshiki. then Sasuke makes a plan to feed him chakra to Borushiki to wake up Boruto, Kawaki also helps to Sasuke with his plan to stop Borushiki. Borushiki after realize the plan of Sasuke he start attack on both and also trying to catch Kawaki to take him with, but the help of Kawaki they start to feed him some chakra to Boruto’s body then again Kawaki play a card and act like he burning himself, because we know Borushiki need Kawaki as a scarifies bate for ten tails and he absorb that Kawaki jutsu to save him and then Boruto starts conscious or his body, And finally he wake up and control his from Momoshiki hands.

And the last time has and that scene i really don’t wants see that happen, but no one undo what done is done the final moment Naruto and Kurama, we saw Naruto and Kurama talking its time to say goodbye to everyone and they think their all about life how they start and ends here, Kurama think about naruto life how he grow in front eyes and the first human call it by his name ”Kurama”, and the other side said to Kurama we get a chance to say to goodbye Hinata and Himawari, Kurama interrupt Naruto and said who said we both going there am i saying you to goodbye and start fading, Naruto didn’t under stand anything, then Kurama for enormous we need good scarifies for source i gave my lifeforce to to do this and said be well my chakra is fading only but who know we meet again some day, for that time be well Naruto.

This really make me crying i didn’t explain how explain all thing but we know how much Naruto’s feel bad about that deep, but think will be back Kurama one day i hope it will be happen soon i waiting for that time so bye friends and take care.  

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  • 3 October 2021

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