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One Piece– Luffy is Officially a YONKO!

 The latest and craziest developments in the one piece story and wow do we ever have a legendary historic chapter to cover today in many ways this chapter is exactly what we’ve been waiting for a long time so make sure to stay tuned for this one if you do enjoy these one-piece.

Let’s jump into it spoilers and all so this chapter is called Teno zone turning point and Teno zone pretty much means a critical advantageous twist and is used often in games like go and shogi and since we had the whole go metaphor running throughout this war it’s a pretty perfect title to use Orochi himself acknowledges that this is a critical chapter so we better pay attention it starts in the flower capital as people are partaking in the festival we get a flashback of how Otama couldn’t wait and do nothing and went to help and help she really did thanks her fruit powers it’s a really touching moment as we see Teng Yama Hitetsu hoping and begging for Otama’s safety it’s interesting how these characters who wear masks can sometimes bring on the feels I’m thinking about Sakonji from demon slayer as well and we get some great panels from Oda as we see a little dark shape from the festival and Oda zooms in to reveal its Kaido’s flying castle pretty much already visible from the capital already especially if the clouds weren’t there to block it we rejoined the two dragons Momoshiki in Kaido we’re also told that master Yamato is alone on the roof injured again crazy to think how many times she’s challenged Kaido and yet again Kaido left her alive.

 I’m hoping we get some more and much needed Kaido characterization soon that will help shed light on how exactly he views Yamato and her importance to him we see Luffy riding a dragon again and i made a point out of how hyped that was last time as well and here we have it being emphasized verbally as it stated that the pink dragon is challenging the azure dragon and is being ridden by straw hat Luffy it’s like when the cursed dragon fused with Gaia the fierce knight to create Gaia the dragon champion in other words for the weeb very hype indeed Yamato is still there putting together all the evidence and remembering that Momo wished he could turn into a monster like Kaido’s dragon form as they keep saying can’t wait for Momo to turn into his human or even hybrid form and for Yamato to see the Odin resemblance that reaction of Odin’s number one fan will no doubt be priceless queen quickly realizes that Yamato must have been keeping Kaido busy and that there’s no doubt this dragon is hostile towards them and i just love how hilarious Luffy is here his conversations with Momo are the best.

Kaido is about to launch his famous blast breath a Yanko’s blast breath and Luffy is just like alright Momo counter it with your own breath oh my god it’s so funny Momo is just like there’s no way i could do that bro but to his credit he does appear to dodge the attack which is honestly just as good he tells Luffy again to remember that he’s in no position to fight right now remember he’s still mentally a kid and he’s facing off against a Yonko so his nervous sweats are totally justified Luffy jumps off the dragon and with an elephant gun smashes Kaido’s giant dragon into the ground i know it usually leaves no lasting damage on Kaido but visually i just love seeing Luffy’s tiny figure by comparison punch around something as big as Kaido’s dragon we then see that Luffy randomly asked Momo to bite Kaido i love how straightforward our future pirate king is obviously Momo is hesitant and to himself feels like there’s no way he can do it he does have some puts after all he remembers the burning castle him screaming out for his mother Kaido lifting his powerless crying self up and threatening his life but you know Momo is the man so he pushes through and actually bites hard into Kaido using the memory of when Kaido called his father a fool as motivation as usual with Oda at first it seems like it might have done some damage but then Kaido calmly looks over and asks what are you doing brat it’s as if he’s responding to an annoying fly and nothing else Momo thinks about how Kaido ruined Wano how his parents would be alive if not for Kaido and then the bite evidently served its purpose as Luffy comes in with another powerful punch sending Kaido flying it makes my heart smile when Luffy says nice going Momo because i know how much those few words must mean to our future shogun we then jump to some other fights and they may not be the main attraction but boy do they take an interesting turn it doesn’t look good initially for invades and Nekomamushi it’s mentioned that we’ve seen the last of the moon tonight since dragons call forth storm clouds it’s unlikely with two dragons that it’ll show itself again without their Sulong forms jack thinks he will beat Inu Arashi and Perospero thinks he will beat Nekomamushi it’s as good as done in their opinions jack even says one more hit and he probably would have been done Perospero similarly knows how lucky he is about the moon and simply says Nekomamushi will lose because of his bad luck as Nekomamushi and Inu Arashi look like they’re on the verge of utter defeat we jump back to Luffy who proclaims that Momo just bit one of the four emperors and asks after doing that does anything in the world still seem scary to you.

 i absolutely love this pep talk and yeah knowing you bit the strongest creature in the world and live to tell about it is a pretty cool motivational boost and definitely a fun story to tell at parties Momo finally spits out no aka is not scared of anything and i love seeing Yamato’s shining face and expression as she’s witnessing this you can tell that morale is super high for our side right now luffy then sends Momo to fly and stop Onigashima from landing on the capital we predicted this would be the case but loved the way luffy gave him the confidence to do it and it’s the perfect job for a would-be protector of Wano more importantly it’s a job only he could do right now and he’s going to do it zorro and Sanji overheard and are shocked at the idea that that dragon is Momo even though they get a small moment in this chapter still great to see zorro and Sanji back to back conversing as they take on Kaido’s two strongest fighters absolutely love it we get Luffy acting epic as Luffy does and he stares down the dragon proclaiming again that he will definitely beat Kaido you gotta give it to him Luffy is one persistent b/w Momo and Luffy the forces are in an uproar gaining a huge morale boost these two are definitely leaders to be able to bring about this kind of reaction big mom is being big mom and just laughs at how rambunctious Luffy is being even calling him a brat still looking forward to the moment where she stops laughing and starts taking Luffy seriously i also loved kids reaction he initially also spoke of taking down Kaido but he’s pretty much made his peace with the fact that he won’t be the one to do it and tells Luffy you better be Kaido it’s a beautiful reaction while law simply wonders where Luffy has been all this time we see Nami, Otama, Frankie and others celebrating Luffy’s arrival and encouraging him to go get Kaido.

Kaido is not just playing around anymore and even turns into his hybrid form again he asks if Luffy really thinks he has a chance against the Yonko the so-called strongest creature in the world and Luffy says as long as I’m breathing anything can happen i love that so much Luffy bringing this kind of attitude to life and the challenges that present themselves to him are exactly what one piece is about and then it happens the clashing of two Conquers Haki users happens and the sky splits overhead the heavens have split it has happened as you probably know this has happened with shanks and whitebeard in the past and with Kaido and big mom it’s pretty much a characteristic of two Yonko clashing at this point and even though Luffy has been called the fifth emperor because of his feats he never had this kind of sky-splitting moment to show his power was up to snuff but now there is no doubt about it Luffy is officially an emperor or at least emperor level that’s pretty much what Oda is telling us here with this panel he is fighting with Kaido as an equal now and it’s so hyped to be here this is the turning point that the title is referring to a historical moment for all of us one piece fans the heavens have split and because of that split the moon has been revealed the shock of jack and Perospero Sulong Neko and Inu use Odin one sword style to cut them down i love how Nekomamushi even mentions you were saying something about luck to Perospero it’s almost like a reaffirmation that Luffy doesn’t want to be lucky he makes his own luck by never giving up.

We’re told by the narrator so it’s official big mom’s eldest son and jack and all-star have been defeated so anyone who talked down on the scabbards i think this shows just how useful they can be yeah they didn’t beat Kaido but i don’t think anyone expected that but taking down an all-star is nothing to sneeze at the turning point started with luffy and then these victories made it even more pronounced it’s possible because of the title of this chapter that this critical turn will lead to a more or less straight path to victory for our side it’s like they were riding to the top of a cliff and the rest is downhill with gravity on their side obviously i don’t think it’ll ever be too straightforward against the Yonko let alone the strongest creature in the world but things definitely look amazing right now for our side finally we also see Orochi and this shouldn’t be a surprise because i mentioned that with his power he could still very well be alive and I’m hoping Momoshiki gets to be the one to finish him off but we’ll see the cowardly mythical zone user is shocked that jack is defeated but there remembers it’s not his problem after all everyone is his enemy now which seems rather fitting for such a shady dude and that is it the end of this epic chapter.

Luffy for me my boy is officially Yonko level and that’s only the beginning he’s planning to beat Kaido not just tie with him the end of this war is definitely getting near if we believe the title and this really is the critical point.

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  • 29 September 2021

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