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Bleach: Ichigo’s True Zanpakuto Was Foreshadowed Early On

Bleach has many characters with different powers and races, but Ichigo is the only one with more abilities. He has the powers of Soul Reaper, Hollow Fullbringer, and even Quincy. His inner hollow was first noticed during the Ryoka Invasion storyline, after which this unknown force became even more difficult to control. As Ichigo grew stronger, so did “White Ichigo” – his empty self. During the Arrancar: The Arrival arc, Ichigo had an inner struggle as he realized his inner emptiness was beginning to invade his body.

To avoid this, he joins the Visoreds and asks them to train him. While Bleach fans were certainly shocked to discover that Ichigo still had Quincy powers, the training was actually the main announcement, essentially revealing his true zanpakutō. Once the hero accepts his lineage, he gains his true zanpakutō in the form of dual swords. His real Shikai is also called “Zangetsu”. Here’s a look at how Bleach anticipated the real Zanpakuto Ichigo long before the Millennium Blood War in

What Hollow Ichigo Explained – And Why It Was a Foreshadowing

What Hollow Ichigo Explained - And Why It Was a Foreshadowing

During Visored training, when the Hollow Ichigo sarcastically greets Ichigo in his subconscious, the latter asks where Zangetsu is. Surprisingly, White Ichigo replied that it was Zangetsu before explaining further as the two started arguing.

It was revealed that he and the old man were Zangetsu and shared the same body until they eventually separated and took different forms. These two were Ichigo’s spiritual energy. The white Ichigo grew stronger over time and as a result the old man was no longer able to control him.It was a big announcement as Bleach fans in TYBW realized that Old Man Zangetsu wasn’t Zanpakuto Ichigo – and he was White Ichigo the whole time.

Old Man Zangetsu’s True Identity in Bleach

Old Man Zangetsu's True Identity in Bleach

Old Man Zangetsu’s real name was never revealed, but he was a manifestation of Ichigo’s Quincy power. It is also never revealed why he took on Yhwachs’ appearance 1000 years ago. After revealing himself as a manifestation of Ichigo’s Quincy powers, Old Man Zangetsu stated that he never wanted Ichigo to become a Soul Reaper and had limited his powers from the start.

His actions were solely out of concern for Ichigo’s life, as there were certain risks involved in being a Soul Reaper.However, after seeing the determination and growth of the hero in Bleach over the years, the elder Zangetsu resigned and vanished into thin air. The smaller blade of Ichigo’s Shikai is said to represent the spirit of ancient Zangetsu. Unfortunately, after his dissolution, Ichigo was never able to see or speak to him.

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