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The Christmas Conflict refers to the battle between key members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the 10th Generation Black Dragon.

In the 8th episode “Christmas Showdown” built entirely on action, with no resources required to make it work. Primarily recreating the characters’ beats and inorganically disrupting the momentum of an already-fighting fight, it became a throwback to Bloody Halloween’s worst moments. To be honest, I was afraid that if we had another month, we would end the season. Luckily, while it still has its flaws, “Strive Together” manages to pull out of this hilarious death spiral and deliver a damn good episode.

Although I have to start with a specific error. I don’t care what the other characters say, and I don’t think for a second that it was Takemichi’s lucky counterattack that actually brought Taiju to his knees. Takemichi literally couldn’t throw a punch to save his life. I may have chip damage to complete Taiju’s first health bar and start stage 2, but I’ll give Mitsuya and Yuzuha the Clear Stage achievement. I don’t care how hard the show tries to spin it, I don’t think a guy whose only superlative is a 1:1 ratio of talking shit to hitting can KO someone in a clean fight.

Takemichi’s brief flight revives at least the rest of the crew, and the sight of him mercilessly throwing his face into Taiju’s fist eventually forces Hakkai to confess his sins. The revelation – that it was Yuzuha who was trying to protect the Hakkai, and not the other way around – isn’t very surprising, but it focuses the drama of this fight on the Shiba family to which she belongs. I’m also thankful that he’s bringing Yuzuha back into the herd. Though he doesn’t pull punches, it’s nice to see his side of the story fight to protect his little brother in place of his dead mother while trying to defy Taiju’s brutality.

I also like the reaction of the rest of Toman, who tells Hakkai that while his lie was shameful, he wasn’t weak to run from his fears.Everyone has it, and it’s important to recognize when to fight for what matters most. From there, the episode turns into ham and cheese: guys screaming, fists flying, blood splattering on pews. The brothers’ vision of the deceased mother comes from the vision of the Virgin Mary to comfort her daughter. A Big Butt Series OST is primarily played. There’s also some really good shots when Hakkai and Taiju fight, catching the punch and weight of their punches and the way one or both stagger after shooting.

When Mikey arrived at the church and slowly walked up the stairs with that inscrutable, dead stare

Overall, the entire sequence is cheesy, but it’s also serious and dark enough to give this showdown the energy it needs to work. When Mikey arrived at the church and slowly walked up the stairs with that inscrutable, dead stare, I was hooked for the next week. I still wish Tokyo Revengers was more coherent, but when things go well it can be great.

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  • 27 February 2023

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