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Chainsaw Man suggests that Makima’s misguide could lead to a very dark destiny ahead for herself, and mainly for Denji.

 One of the most fascinating details of the Chainsaw Man anime is enigmatic about what’s going to happen with Denji and Makima. He’s crushing on her in his own desire, and decently, Makima seems to like him too. However, She is definitely obsessed more with her job as head of the Public Safety Unit in Japan.

Her priority Killing devils is fun, after all, This is why fans are curious if she’ll backstab Denji. It seems unavoidable that she’d pick up between her emotions and duty, with Denji also self-assured to choose between his affection for her and if he’s meant to become the ultimate killer. However, while the judges decide on what settlement could be made when the time comes, it does hope for Denji’s fate with her to be sure to sink in blood.

Chainsaw Man indirectly Denji’s fate with Makima Will Be Bloody

Chainsaw Man indirectly Denji's fate with Makima Will Be Bloody

Makima, however, convinces them that Japan will have the firepower required. It’s obscure what exactly is taking place, but it’s something important as Hayakawa records when he talks to Makima about their game plan moving forward. He’s very much suspicious of Denji and thinks he’s crude, but Makima rigidly believes he’s going to be a huge advantage in terms of national security. Clearly put, she’s all in and fixed on making him a prized demolisher.

It’s unspecified that the Chainsaw Man anime will vary from the manga, but it indeed feels like this is determined. It is not exactly known if Denji will be up for hurting innocent civilians outside of devils and if his desire will deny his moral compass. Ultimately, his ledger may end up filled with red, unless Makima grows ethics and realizes employing him is indeed unethical. She may still care for his humankind, but if he doesn’t inform as well, he could lose the shot at happiness that Pochita wanted and his life against random enemies.

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  • 9 November 2022

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