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Tanjiro’s Sword Turned Black Nichirin Sword have a Deeper Meaning

In the hit shonen series Demon Slayer, demons are nearly immortal and supernatural  beings. Since they can’t, demons die by ordinary means. Besides sunlight, demons can only be defeated by a special sword like a Nichirin sword. Demon slayers utilise these unique swords, crafted from scarlet ore and crimson iron sand. The materials specialise to absorb sunlight, making special material weapons that can perfectly slay a demon.

Nichirin swords are unique swords and also known as color-changing swords, as the blade’s colour change reflect their user in Demon Slayer.

Why Did Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Black?

Tanjro with his black nichirin sword
Along with lack of skill, it is also said that swordsmen with black blades struggle to achieve a victory over a breathing style. Tanjiro uses Water Breathing, but unlike Tomioka, his blade  doesn’t show an exact blue  breathing style. This is because he similarly likes to use the Hinokami Kagura style. The dance Tanjiro picked up from his father is the first original breathing technique- Sun Breathing – and has been passed down from the Kamado family for generations.
In the manga of Demon Slayer, the only other known entity who mastered Sun Breathing was Yoriichi Tsugikuni – who had a deep black katana like Tanjiro. He was known as a fabulous demon slayer and first person who invented the first breathing techniques. All known breathing techniques are derived originally from Sun Breathing. The colour black sword can absorb the most sunlight, Sun Breathing technique likely to cause or be capable of deadly weapons against demons.
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  • 7 November 2022

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