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Chrollo’s Depression Explained 😢 Hunter X Hunter 397 (HXH Manga)

Chrollo's Depression Explained 😢 Hunter X Hunter 397 (HXH Manga)

In Hunter x Hunter 396, the troupe decided to do more voice acting and skits, with the addition of the young woman who  initially helped Chrollo and Pakunoda voice the first episode of The Clean Up Rangers. As can be seen in the chapter, Sarasa will most likely be kidnapped. While his squadmates think he went to the usual place to find new tapes to use, he actually has a different plan in mind. Sarasa went to a location by the Uga Tree where she thought she would find another  

 videotape of The Clean Up Rangers.

“Little did she know she was putting herself in grave danger. As noted earlier in the story, Meteor City is an extremely dangerous place with countless kidnapping events taking place with over 70 child abductions occurring each year. On that note, it it is clear that the kidnappers want to kidnap another child here and since Sarasa is alone at the moment and very vulnerable, especially due to the bad weather, it is very likely that she will become a victim of these men who are going to the same area as Sarasa, and since she’s currently distracted from finding the tape, it would be fairly easy for her to kidnap her.

Hunter x Hunter 397 will likely see the men take advantage of them and shove them into their trucks along with countless other victims with the aim of selling them to the government or other human traffickers. As established in Hunter 396, The Troupe has begun to coalesce, although not yet specifically referred to as the Phantom Troupe. Their beginnings are undoubtedly humble, and they’re certainly not the criminal organization  fans know them to be. Instead, they took up the theater. However, all of that could change 

 after the events of Hunter x Hunter 397 when they have to face the harsh reality of life in Meteor City.

The squad will realize that no one is safe there and that they are constantly being raped by kidnappers and human traffickers. Although they don’t yet know what situation Sarasa will be in, they will probably search for her in the rain. as soon as they find out about her disappearance. Eventually, Sarasa has proven to be a popular member of the squad, helping Uvo express his feelings of admiration for Chrollo Lucilfer after his stunning performance, while also greatly inspiring‘s of Meteor City’s little children. So the squad will probably be looking for her, but until they arrive

The kidnappers  have probably already taken you there and said goodbye to Meteor City. With the squad’s determination to save their friend, Chrollo will likely take on a fitting role as the leader of the group, attempting to save Sarasa. In Chapter 396, while Chrollo was dubbing  the malevolent monster’s voice, he was depicted with a strange aura around him. This seems to be Yoshihiro Togashi’s way of anticipating what is to come, and this is Chrollo’s Awakening. Chrollo is one of the strongest Nen users in Hunter x Hunter and it would certainly be a sight to behold for all manga fans to see him awaken this power.

This awakening could come from trying to save Sarasa while he’s giving it his  all, or possibly after realizing that Sarasa is lost forever. Hunter x Hunter 397 could also explain how the troupe got the iconic name “The Phantom Troupe”. and  the fans are eagerly waiting for it. 

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  • 5 December 2022

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