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DanMachi – Levelling & Rank’s Detail!

Two key concepts exist in DanMachi such as leveling and rank which show an adventurer’s strength and position.


Adventurers level up by killing monsters and gathering excella, an energy that is released during their death. Excelia can be harvested through fighting the monsters directly or by utilizing the magic stones that fall from them.

An adventurer advances to the next level after accumulating enough excelia and goes through a ritual at their Familia’s church. An adventurer’s stats are improved through levelling up, thereby making him or her stronger, faster and more robust.


Rank shows the overall strength and experience of an adventurer. It depends on an adventurer’s level, stats, and achievements.

In DanMachi there are 10 ranks from I to X – the lowest one is I and the highest one is X. Adventurers typically begin at Rank I, while only the most powerful adventurers ascend up to Rank X.

Rank Up

The requirements that an adventurer must meet to rank up. For instance, it entails having a particular level, having a certain stat level and having done something impressive such as defeating a strong monster.

At this point, an adventurer has to qualify for the rank up, after which they can go to their Familia’s church and have a ritual. Moving up the ranks as an adventurer means being given a right to explore new areas of the dungeon and fighting more powerful monsters.

Benefits of Leveling Up and Ranking Up in DanMachi

Benefits of Leveling Up and Ranking Up in DanMachi 

Benefits of leveling up and ranking up are numerous. The higher level adventurers have stats with a larger value as a result, making them sturdier, faster, and tougher. They also have a wider range of more powerful skills and skills sets.

As adventurer gains higher ranks, they can access new areas of the dungeon and challenge more powerful monsters. They are also of higher social standing among Orario people and are able to take up more profitable quests.


Leveling and rank are two important concepts in DanMachi that determine an adventurer’s strength and status. By leveling up and ranking up, adventurers can become stronger, explore more of the dungeon, and achieve greater things

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