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Record Of Ragnarok First Fight

Record of Ragnarök, I’ve been covering Recorder of Ragnarök as a series now for over a year. I just finished watching the first fight which went from episode 1 to a little bit of episode 4 which was like the climax after the fight as a whole pretty solid regarding cut content there were only two major scenes that have been cut so far one regarding Zeus that I’m not going to talk about  one regarding four prior to the fight beginning.
Record of Ragnarök
 I’ll discuss that now before four was revealed to be the first fighter for the gods we had Brunhilde being harassed by this person here the dream demon or lust demon and then we have her pretty much bowing out of nowhere and then the badass four just coming past and destroying that demon real quick and then we have Brunhilde saying I wasn’t kneeling for you I was kneeling for you know the god behind you for summer.
Lu Bu vs Thor
The you know strongest Nordic God and pretty much her and absolute shock to seeing there an absolute fear to see absolutely badass floor there which was pretty hype and did you know set up for being an absolute badass prior to the actual fight demonstrating he’s an absolutely badass that’s really the only scene or only major scene that was cut from the anime now regarding the anime itself i decided to watch it in japanese with English subtitles there is an English dub available but i thought it’d be best to experience it in the you know intended language for the cool other japanese voice actors and yeah didn’t have too many problems with that there were some parts where the like translations for some certain stuff wasn’t the best it was kind of hard to see so I’d like pause and rewind a few times but as a whole i didn’t really find that too bad so regarding the two fighters walk out to the arena that was done a different way in the anime four teleported in the arena that didn’t happen in the manga and Lü Bu was a little bit different but as a whole pretty accurate the only difference was four’s teleportation which doesn’t really change anything who cares the walkout was different i do think four’s backstory was done pretty well or the Asgard backstory it didn’t skip anything and the animation style for it was unique but it was fine for me at least if anything they made it somewhat longer than what it was in the manga with the anime demonstrating his boredom which is a key theme of four and this fight as a whole the first cartoon 4 was done pretty well and the music was fire free out i have to say and this scene in particular did you know Loki give me chills you may think i’m just being a fanboy at this point and you’re 100 right but it is clear that the animation for this anime isn’t going to be some crazy like jutsu kaizen demon slayer thing from watching these first four episodes and i personally don’t really find it that bad Lü Bu first backstory so so was in correct order and again done pretty well i also liked that the backstories were done in different ways rather than having the exact same repeated you know animation style or way it’s being presented and him crying during his death out of boredom was portrayed the same way as it did in the manga and done quite well in the anime regarding the Valkyries volume explanation again i love the menacing soundtrack of the scene between Brunhilde and Zeus.

Brunhilde Ans her sister

Zeus you know staring her down and realizing what was going on i do see that people will be complaining about gold being annoying i do find her annoying at times but take note this is really how she is in the manga and if you’re not that much of a fan of her or you’re actually despising her at this point she does get somewhat better as the story goes on i’m also not the biggest fan of the crowd for Lü Bu side i enjoy seeing all the gods i’m glad shiva actually made his way into the anime i was thinking he would be cut out somehow but i’m glad we do have all the scenes from shiva still arriving saying oh Zeus’s input was good to say and the other gods import i enjoyed that part but the input or the scene from Lü Bu side i personally don’t care about even in the manga version i didn’t care about but yeah it wasn’t like bad per se i just don’t really care about it then we have the scene with force hammers true form with this looking a bit goofy but as a whole pretty fine and i did kind of see him somewhat menacing with his hammer actually having a heartbeat which was pretty intense listening to and if you don’t listen to or watch anime with headphones on i recommend doing that to get a better experience regarding you know the soundtracks.
Fights Began

You know key you know sounds or stuff like that which really do enhance the experience the roster scene or roster reveal scene was okay i wish they had translated it better though but can’t really complain too much it’s really whatever i did really enjoy the aura of four and Lü Bu for the various specific scenes where they had a crazy cool looking menacing aura over their characters with that looking you know very badass and regarding him throwing his hammer it wasn’t the best but not terrible i think the speed and impact of it could have been adapted or presented in a better way from the manga to anime as a whole i do greatly prefer the manga version of that scene in particular compared to what we got in anime it just seemed a bit slow for me at times which somewhat ruined the impact of it and the overall dodge with this various parts of that scene this taking too long and i did somewhat consider it to drawn out his legs being broken from the impact of you know four’s attack was done okay and the horse arrival scene was adapted well as well but the horse did look kinda weird from being us let me know your thoughts of that down the comments does this horse look weird i kinda do think so the second part of Lü Bu backstory covered pretty much everything from the lightning bolt on the tree and 
Highlight of the first fight
You know the ultimate move flashback the sky eater with him you know training for all that time to perfect it or to you know eventually use that so that was all adapted perfectly i could say this everything from the manga’s backstory was shown in the backstory for both characters during the first fight now the final clash or in my opinion the highlight of the first fight and if you didn’t know this fight is considered probably the worst fight in Ragnarök so far by the broader fandom so if you’re not too into the series so far if you’re watching anime for the first time do expect much better fights as the story continues but yeah the final clash between the two i do think it was pretty fire it did demonstrate the insanity of both fighters and the insane raw power they had and i did enjoy that they kinda extended it out in the crazy you know facial expressions as they were getting closer to one another with the manga version of that it’s having a few quick little panels that you just see and you know quickly go past.
The intense moment
While in the anime you could really like feel the intense moment of that they did the Valkyrie’s death in a somewhat different way but it doesn’t really change anything and doesn’t really bother me i did love seeing Lü Bu bite off his arm and you know him feeling joy for the first time in his life you know his boredom has ended due to his fight with four and four of course being an absolute savage showing the power of the gods i’m also glad they showed all the gore throughout the fight including you know for massacring all of Lü Bu men as a whole the adaptation for the first fight was done well only skipping that one scene i talked about at the start of the video the animation could have been better.
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  • 21 June 2021

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