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My Hero Academia: Story summary

My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia if you’re annoying takes place in a world where people have superpowers called quirks. Some people get cool quirks that make them unkillable gods while others get quirks that turn their head into a cactus the main character is Deku scrub his quirk is not having any powers.

My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia

 Deku wants to be a hero but he’s quark list so the other kids in class like Bakugo make fun of him and tell him to kill himself like real good candidates through the hero program one day. Deku meets his idol all might and he’s like hey kid heat is here it’ll give you super powers but don’t tell nobody and he inherits All Might quark but it’s so powerful that it nearly makes you explode every time he uses it can All Might and small might overcome the hurdles to get deku you admitted to the number one hero Academy play sure can and it’ll be so awesome that she won’t even notice how it makes absolutely no sense the rest of his classmates pass the exam with their totally irrelevant power sets well Toru Hagakure.
Deku wants to be a hero in class like Bakugo
 I’m afraid we can’t pass you after all you didn’t destroy a single robot what’s the one killing all those robots. you right fall in love with an ensemble cast of characters with such likeable designs and personalities that people forget their 15 it’s really creepy and cool, them please stop meet Deku’s friends from class 1-A. Interplanar Janet initial D slip-and-slide easy make oven all frogs go to heaven, gunpowder, gelatin, dynamite, acid, duplicating arm with a laser beam caught on tape not on tape ketsu two birds one Hiro animal crossing power how do these things always get so tangled that’s rough buddy.

Class 1-A
All their adventures like the time the League of villains of the time the League of villainous up and the time the League of villains shows up can they defeat dastardly villains like bad touch man and this girl who looks like she’s on the verge of climaxing not to mention the raw excitement that is teenagers decorating their dorm rooms and the unparalleled drama of unpaid internships every art focuses on a different aspect of hero society and how maybe they shouldn’t keep giving you a millions of dollars to build these fake cities as training grounds especially at the school keeps killing the children hey those two characters shared a single framed screen time together ship.
Deku and Asuiyi
 Those ship everyone that touch probably also shouldn’t kiss anyone because his lips seemed pretty chapped not a lot has actually happened in my hero academia but they seem so good and so well executed that it keeps you interested regardless and you can’t deny how fun it is to imagine your own superhero with their own unique quirk super Sneaky hero typos his court nitpick actually the author has confirmed how several of the students pass the entrance exam even without flashy quirks such as Mineta  Pop-up the robots with his sticky balls thank you so much for watching if you’re a fan of my hero academia or if you’ve never seen the show before in your interest you should check out this episode of  my hero academia both subbed and dubbed as well as the best stuff from Crunchyroll, Funimation cartoon.
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  • 23 June 2021

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